1998 – 2008, 10 years of Art, Youth and Fun

Today is the 10th anniversary of VAST. To celebrate the day, we have a small exhibition planned at our studio, followed by dinner.

All of you not with us today, you are with us in spirit, and in our hearts.

What a journey it has been.


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12 Replies to “1998 – 2008, 10 years of Art, Youth and Fun”

  1. Happy anniversary!!! Birthday??? Wishing all at VAST a wonderful journey ahead in exploring one’s own as well as ‘the Bhutanese identity’ through art.

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! its been fun growing up with VAST.if i am better person now its all due to VAST.10 beautiful years!!!

  3. Happy Birthday from enlighted Am yaaammeeee. I wish you to have a wonderful night full of joy and Long Life to VAST…..

    I will definitely be there in spirit and who knows ????
    Missing you all !!!
    Lots of love
    Am yammee

  4. hey hahhaa…nice au i wish happy and very good journey for vast and its members ..and i am sure u guys are having fun …

  5. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY VAST!!!! Its funny how i didnt notice the 10 years flashing by…I guess we dont notice time when we have loads of fun huh 🙂
    LONG LIVE VAST!!!!!!!!!!!! looking forward to move ahead…………

  6. hey fellas…..woah..10 years..its 10 year of VAST
    we did it…we dared to live up to our expectations…furthering into the near future…..its there i can see VAST’s 100th anniversary
    so people i dont knw how much i have changed but VAST sure dies..how does it feel people…10 years of glory
    On that note I congratulate VAST…ppl behind the scenes….we are VAST!!!..rock onnnn

  7. Happy Anniversary VAST……only last night I dreamt of returning to Thimpu…..and today I see why…..I hope the party was great fun. We are still trying to find a way to come and work with you in the future….See you soon.

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