Bhutan by VAST – Paintings for the Smithsonian

Asha Kama, Pema Tshering and the others have been working for a while now, to produce 3 paintings of 8 square feet each. The paintings are for the Bhutanese Exhibition traveling to the famous Smithsonian Folk Life exhibition in Washington DC, in June 2008. The 3 paintings depict the Bhutanese in the alpine zone, temperate zone, and the sub-tropical zone.

The paintings are almost complete.

This is the 2nd time that VAST is involved in producing art for Bhutan to be displayed internationally – the first time being for World Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan.

On a personal level, Asha Kama brings in a wealth of experience, having worked as the creative director for the Bhutanese Pavilion at the  World Expo 2000, Hanover, Germany. The Bhutanese Pavilion was judged as the best exhibit.

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