Asha Kama gets award

In a ceremony to mark the World Intellectual Property Day yesterday, Asha Kama was awarded a certificate by the Royal Government of Bhutan, in recognition of his enormous contribution in the field of art. Asha has received this award in a row for the past 2 years.

6 Replies to “Asha Kama gets award”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ASHA!!! Actually…you deserve more than that… Your award is a motivation for us!!! Congratulations once again.
    “Three cheers for Asha Kama”
    (hip hip hurray)x3

  2. I am little late Asha…. But I agree with Barun !
    You are the best, perhaps not of all time ……
    Keep the good work rolling !!!
    Missing VAST
    Am Yame

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