Water color, come rain or shine

Water color classes, our 2nd class in the 2008 grand plan began yesterday, with Rajesh, Pema and Kinga getting the kids excited about the subject.

Today after a short indoor class, we braved the pre monsoon drizzle to go outdoors.

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  1. Hi, I love what you do and I want to help! I can’t seem to find any other place to leave a message or contact you, so I thought a comment here would do. Please let me know how I can get involed with your organization. Thanks, Sandy

  2. Sandra > Thanks for your words of support and encouragement.

    We survive on help from our friends, and well wishers like yourself. You can help us in many ways:

    – If you are an artist, you can drop by and give us a hand.
    – You can help us by becoming our member, and paying the membership fees.
    – You can donate art materials like pencils, colors, brushes, etc.
    – You can donate art books and documentaries/movies for our library.
    – You can donate outdoor gear (like tent, sleeping bags, rock climbing gear, etc) for our outdoor programs.
    – If you have the financial resources:
    > We are looking to upgrade our computers.
    > You can fund one of our programs.
    – You can help us by encouraging us, and giving us your word of support, spreading the word about us, and getting us connected with people/groups similar to us.

    See where you fit and let us know.

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