Summer Art Camp, and other news

This years Summer Art Camp will be held at the Damphu High School, in the district of Tsirang. We are hoping to take about 20 VAST members to Damphu, where we will be joined by 60 students from the high school and the other neighboring schools. We will leave Thimphu on the 7th of July, and be back on the 15th of July.

Last years camp at Shemgang was funded by the Bhutan Program of Save the Children, USA. We are hoping that they will fund this years camp as well.



Special VAST project headed by Asha Kama “The Rice Bank” has been successfully completed for this year. The report will be posted as soon as Asha completes the write up.



Tshering Dorji, the recently crowned Mr. Thimphu will visit the VAST studio next Saturday. Tshering is our Ngawang’s elder brother. If he is willing to pose, some of our students are planning to study and sketch his muscles.

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