Off to Tsirang

Today, 34 of us are leaving for Tsirang for our summer art camp. In Tsirang we will be joined by another 65 students. We will be back in Thimphu on the 14 July.

Tsirang, here we come…

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  1. Hey there… kinda late to post on this but just wanted to say hi to all. Regards to Asha… a very inspiring figure. And to Dorji… I am painting. Well let me say I have resumed painting and I am now using acrylic. Learning on my own and making a lot of mistakes and improvising. I’ve got four pieces on canvas and few others on a book. So dont make fun no more. Ha. and rest of y’all (tship, singchu pem, two pemas …) you’ve got your whole life ahead, get inspired … get the most out of life… but dont forget to be yourselves. TC

    lotsa love

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