Looking back at 2008

2008 was a fantastic year for all of us at VAST. We have come a long way, since 1998. We are 10 years old, and what a ride it has been.

Look at all of us. How much we have changed. How much we have grown. Remember coming to VAST the first time? Did you ever think that you’d last 10 years? I think most of us were too young even to think 10 days in the future, let alone 10 years. For those of us who could see 10 days into the future, we were too bewildered by the art, and by the friendship, those very things what make VAST a very special part of us.

Before I get carried away with the sentimental stuff, let me remind ourselves why we have to be very proud of ourselves about what we have done in 2008.

In no particular order, these are some of the things that we managed to pull off:

Designed and produced the world’s biggest conch (Dungkar) for the Coronation and the Centenary Celebrations

The conch was used as the centerpiece for a beautiful dance involving about 800 children during His Majesty’s Coronation celebrations on the 7th November. The dance was re-performed, by popular demand, for the second time the next day. The conch is 10 feet tall and it is sculpted out of styrofoam. It was commissioned to us by the command of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, after it was almost decided that it was too complicated to be produced in Bhutan.

Designed posters, t-shirts, caps and bumper stickers celebrating the Coronation and the Centenary Celebrations

These designs were commissioned to us by His Majesty’s Secretariat.

Designed souvenirs for the Coronation and the Centenary Celebrations

A first time for all of us, we had to create designs which involved creating Bhutanese elements inside paper-weight glass spheres. These souvenirs were gifted to Royal guests at the Coronation Celebrations.

Designed and produced a mural painting for the His Majesty the fifth king’s Linkana Palace in Punakha

Face coloring of the life-size statue of the first Druk Gyalpo for the celebration of National Day (17th December 2008)

Coronation and Centenary photo coverage for the royal archive

One of our members served His Majesty as a Royal Photographer during the Coronation Celebrations.

Framed and displayed rare photographs of the third King’s Royal Wedding Photo Exhibition at Folk Heritage Museum

Participated in the Youth Festival organized by Department of Youth Centre

Designed and produced signage for the Nazhoen Pelri Youth Development Center (YDF)

Designed and produced information boards at the Youth Development Center (YDF) in Thimphu

Designed packaging of the K5 and 1907 special edition whiskeys to mark the Coronation and the Centenary Celebrations

Our designs were not used in the eventual product packaging but they have been very strongly influenced by our conceptual designs.

Participated in an Art Exhibition with 7 Nepalese Artist at Druk Hotel

Participated in the “Living Canvas” Art Exhibition with Nepalese artist organized by Kasthamandap Art Studio

Participated in a week long Craft Festival organized by the Textile Museum

Participated in a week long outdoor workshop in North India with Youreka, sponsored by Royal Education Council

Organized and hosted a photo exhibition on the 42nd Smithsonian Folk Life Festival at in Washington DC

Organized a 7 day summer camp “Youth Interaction through Art” in Tsirang for 120 students

Designed and produced Murals for 42nd Folk Life Festival at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC

Participated in the 42nd Smithsonian Folk life Festival, Washington DC

Participated in the Golden Youth Awards, organized by Youth Development Fund

Participated in the Regional Young Champion Workshop for children and women in Nepal

Designed a hand book for monks to restore and renovate religious artifacts, for the Royal Textile Academy

Participated in the Seal Competition (Seal of Excellence and Seal of Quality) organized by Ministry of Trade and Industry

Participated in Druk Green Power Corporation logo Competition

Produced 40 water color paintings for the Royal Government

These paintings were presented as gifts the Royal Government to vip foreign guests at the Centenary and Coronation Celebrations

Designed the new logo for the Bank of Bhutan

Designed the Druk Holding and Investments logo

Designed the Netherlands’ Alumni Association of Bhutan (NAAB)

Designed the GRC logo

Designed and hosted the 10th VAST anniversary exhibition

Help organized and hosted the French Film Festival

Conducted regular week end classes on basic drawing, watercolor, acrylic, collage and mixed media

Started the food aid, debt relief and establishment of the first Rice Bank Project in 2 villages in Punakha.

This is a special project managed by VAST volunteers to break the poverty cycle in rural Bhutan.

Have we forgotten any?

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  1. wow… I wish to be part of VAST.

    I’m currently working as Executive Creative Director at a top International company. This June I will quit my role and would like to contribute a bit of my expertise to VAST.

    I have been working on design and marketing for over 15 years. I’m willing to be a volunteer in VAST for at least 6 months to a year depending on the availability of a vacant position.

    Here’s my personal blog http://vanceleeteng.blogspot.com

    Hope to hear from VAST.

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