VAST 2009

Following is a summary of what VAST will be doing for the year 2009. All who want to participate, sponsor, donate or contribute in any form are most welcome.

  1. January 2009, VAST Annual Show “The Dragon Mania” a contemporary art Festival here in the Thimphu.
  2. January 2009, 10 days Winter Art Class with out door camp for children aged below 13 years.
  3. January 2009, 12 days Out door art and environmental camp in Punakha for children aged 14 and above
  4. February 2009, 10 days out door adventure Camp (something similar to Outward Bound in the US) for 60 to 80 high school children age 12 and above.
  5. March 2009, will start our regular weekend class for 60 school going children every Saturday afternoon for whole year.
  6. March/April 2009, conduct 10 day crash course on watercolor for Aums and Aps (adult) in the capital and organize our 11th founding day Exhibition
  7. May/June 2009, Environmental conservation and garbage impact photography workshop for 40 young children and organize the first “Young Zoom on Garbage” Photo exhibition.
  8. July 2009, Youth Interactive Summer Art Camp for 150 school going children of Bumthang/Monger/Wangdi
  9. August/Sept. 2009, 10 day Visual art workshop for practicing traditional artists and organize “Buddha Nature” the first Contemporary Thanka Exhibition
  10. October 2009, autumn out door adventure camp for age 13 and below.
  11. November/December 2009, preparation and organizing the Vast Annual Show coinciding with the 102 National Day. Theme to be decided.
  12. December/January winter art classes and out door camps/life skills development, involving 250 children from urban and rural areas.

In addition to the above programs, we will be conducting more workshops, exhibitions, art film shows and talks on ad-hoc basis

7 Replies to “VAST 2009”

  1. I wish I could’ve been part of dragon mania – great work and great fun suggested by gallery photos. All best wishes for 2009 – looks like its going to be a busy and creative one!

  2. Dear Kuenga,

    I have sent a CV of mine to but no reply at all to this
    moment. I wonder if you can help me to connect with the person in charge.

    I wish to come to Bhutan and contribute my expertise in both design and marketing. let me know if you can help me locate someone. thanks.

  3. Dear Vancelee,
    Thank you very much for the effort.sorry for not being able to respond earlier,we did receive your CV. but right now we are tide down with the winter classes happening at VAST, we give you a detail reply on what we could do together as soon as possible. sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    you can contact our CEO
    Thanking you.

  4. i love the new VAST website .. it looks great. the calendar for 2009 looks great too. i wish VAST a great year ahead.

    i actually had an idea but i don’t know if thats feasiable given the space or if Azha KArma is willing to do it. i know how azha is when it come to fund raising. Azha happy birthday by the way. hope all is well too.

    well here’s the idea… this will allow for chidren who can not afford the registration fees to be part of VAST. there are children like that i think. I am willing to contribute Nu.700/- bucks a year for any child who wants to join VAST and can’t afford to and we can make twenty such qouta seats available through donations and contributions for children who can’t afford the fees.
    just a thought…..

    good luck and keep up the great work!!!!


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