Happy New Year 2009!!!

Happy 2009 from VAST

A very very Happy New Year 2009 to all. May this new year bring peace, prosperity, joy, happiness and success to everyone and especially to the visitors and supporters of VAST. May you all support us for this year and for all the years to come. May VAST build another year of success.

On this very new year, VAST would like to thank all the supporters, tutors, members and friends of VAST for making VAST a success.

And on the personal note, I would like to thank Asha, Aue Gelay, Madam Yanick, Liping, Sir Rajesh, Sir Phurba and Kuenga for all the support, happiness, knowledge and love you have showered upon me. Thank you. May 2009 be more SUPER SUCCESSFUL than the past successful years for VAST!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR…one and all!!!

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