Dragon Mania Art Festival – A success story

The Dragon Mania Art Festival which was dedicated to Druk – the Thunder Dragon has been successfully completed. The exhibition/festival was super successful. The cold winter weather did not stop people from visiting the Clock Tower. Through this festival, VAST managed to create a sparkling moment for all the visitors.

The ‘Kissing the Dragon’ program, which actually required individuals to climb the Clock Tower and ring the bell was a hit program. Many magic moments were created by this program. Parents cheering for their kids when they climbed and hugging them when they successfully completed was a moment of magic…a hard-to-be-seen scene. And the pride of accomplishment seen in the eyes of the climbers were something to remember.

Many children and adults also enjoyed the painting programs, the Chess competition and the street art. Among the dragon art works which where exhibited, the ‘Hot Dragon’ a dried chili collage was centre of attraction. Most of the people were saying whether VAST was cooking a Dragon-Ema-Datsi.

Bottom line, the Draon Mania Art festival was another success milestone added in VAST history. Three cheers for VAST!!! Three cheers for contemporary art!!!

8 Replies to “Dragon Mania Art Festival – A success story”

  1. VAST would like to thank all the sponsors and well wishers.

    1. Ashi Khendum
    2. A Singaporean friend
    3. Vertical – Bhutan Rock Climbing Club
    4. Bhutan Birding and Heritage Travels
    5. Bhutan Mandala Tours
    6. Thimphu City Corporation

    On behalf of VAST, a very big THANK YOU.

  2. I would like to second Aue Gelay in thanking the VAST sponsors. Dragon Mania art festival would not have been successful without your esteem support. Thank you. Looking forward to your immense support in the future. Cheers.

  3. feeling very unfortunate that i had to leave on the day of the festival
    looking at the preparations i could feel that something great is going to come up
    would like to see and experience such art-fest every year from now on!!!

    being a dragonese i salute to the land of the thunder dragon and congratulate to the success of dragon-mania

    three cheers to VAST!!!!!!

  4. Congrats to all on your very successful Dragon Mania Art Festival !!! Wish i was thr to join in the fun too. Post some pixs to show me 🙂

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