25th January-5th February, 2009

Classes to be conducted on:

  1. Introduction to Art
  2. Introduction to Art material
  3. Basic drawing
  4. Sketching and shading
  5. Charcoal
  6. Still life
  7. Figure drawing
  8. Outdoor sketching
  9. Introduction to traditional Art
  10. Color theory
  11. Pastel class
  12. Collage
  13. Watercolor

Outdoor activities:

  1. Cultural visit
  2. Environmental excursion
  3. Rock climbing

Location: VAST Studio
Timing: 10am-4pm


The Winter Art Class will take place only if there are a minimum of 15 children.A maximum of 40 children will be accepted into the program on first-come, first-serve basis.The children will have to bring their own Art
materials as per instructions.

Any one interested please contact VAST

Nu.3,000 /-

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