3 Replies to “Night-out at Cheri”

  1. Yet another job well done!! BRAVO guys!!!
    Its all because we put every level of efforts together and worked always as a team.
    The only little unsatisfying part is that we always fail to market our program in time,
    thus we have very few participants for such high standard camp!!!

    So not to repeat this short fall again I propose for a committee meeting tomorrow at 2pm and discuss. CHEERS

    Having Ap Dhopey as our chief guest at the closing ceremony of the camp was not a bad idea!!! It was a last minute thing and we had tough time finding him but were lucky that day!!!!

  2. hi guys!!!
    I have a great news!!!
    come to Wednesday meeting and i will share,
    hope the info com dept is bringing in some proposal????
    Please be at VAST at 4.39 sharp!!

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