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  1. kunga and gelay
    thanks, Ap khen and Aum Zam will be very happy to see this page!!!! hope we gather enough spirits and money to build their dream house??

  2. i hope i am not too late! will join on saturday, i am planning, need to learn it all again!!! 🙂 congratulations on all the great work.

  3. The happiness of Ap Khen and his family is more important to us at VAST. It is really great to know that donations are flowing in from places as far as Singapore ( from friends close to VAST). Thank you all. I will make my small contribution today. I hope it will be of some help to Build A House project.

    Sonam Tshering (AKU)

  4. I am a conservation architect and I will be visiting Bhutan next April. I would like to contribute to this project by offering voluntary work during the month of April (after April 7, 2010). Will this be possible?
    Congratulations of your work.
    tashi delek

  5. Hats off to VAST Bhutan, in a Buddhist country like ours it is the right action that directly benefits the needy ones, as we always prays for the benefits of all sentient beings. May VAST Bhutan be blessed with great power and wealth. Thanks and with respects to VAST.

  6. Hi, I am an 2 nd year civil engineer currently studying in India.. i would be really glad to be a helping hand, even if it doesn’t make a difference.. since i am learning lots of new things on building houses and structures.. i would like to join vast and help in projects like this.

    Yours Sincerely Jigme

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