A Journey Through VAST

Passang in 1998
Passang, 1998

Passang in 2009
Passang, 2009

It was the year 1998 and the month was April and the day was 7th when VAST was born. But I joined VAST only sometime in June. I was introduced to VAST by my best friend Kuenga. We had around 20-30 students (can’t remember the exact number)…coming to VAST every Saturday. We had the 3 founders, Asha Kama, Sir Phurba and Sir Rajesh tutoring us.

We all started with the basic classes in art and progressed to using mediums like acrylic, oil and watercolor. We were also given classes by foreign visitors who were interested in art. We learned the art of paper mache from an American lady. She showed us how to make puppets. It was the first time I learned the word ‘puppet’ and literally saw what it was. Our schools were not that bad at giving us education but art was not a part of it. I also learned about outdoor camping from VAST. VAST took us camping twice a year – once during the summer break and once in the winter. The campings were the most wonderful time of my life as we learned many things other than art, like environment, garbage management and outdoor survival.

We were very thankful (and we still are) to those handful of like-minded people who saw the importance of art and made the effort to start out a wonderful organization like VAST. At the beginning we were not very known, but with time, we did many projects that impressed the public and our name ‘VAST’ became recognized. The Village House Model, Hydro-project Models, cardboard chairs for the kids with special ability (disable children) and mural paintings for the children hospital were some of the first projects that gave us recognition. We all enjoyed doing those projects as we did not get to do such wonderful things at school. School was all about passing exams. No fun and no excitement of school could match the ones given by VAST.

Now, its almost 11 years since VAST first started and the thrill and excitement I feel about VAST has not changed a bit. In fact, its getting even more exciting and more thrilling. The thought about the future of VAST is so good that my heart is beating faster as I think of it. I was very lucky to have been (and still is and will be forever) a part of VAST. VAST has shown me how to paint my life with the colours of the wind. I am very thankful to VAST for making me an Artist. Thank you VAST.

Coming together is a beginning,
Keeping together is progress,
Working together is success.

– Henry Ford

I am looking forward to working harder for VAST in promoting it to an institution where everyone who is interested in art can express their freedom of colourful feelings. And I urge anyone who is interested in art to join VAST for it is a place where the artist child inside you can grow to unlimited heights.

Passang is one of our oldest and our most active member. We know that we can rely on Passang no matter what. Passang is now the IT Officer at a government agency. She just had a son on March 11, 2009.

7 Replies to “A Journey Through VAST”

  1. Congratulations on the baby boy.

    Passang had this story saved, but unpublished on the VAST web for a while now. With her new born, I thought the story was appropriate, so I took the liberty of publishing it. And added the pictures.

    The VAST gang went to see Passang and her baby boy today, and we had a great time. Thanks Passa.

  2. Hi pass.. sorry couldn’t come to see ur son.. but i will… ur article took me back to those days for a while..well written… and congrats for ur son… 🙂

  3. Hi Passang,

    Tashi Delek on the birth of your baby boy. May he bring you everlasting happiness, prosperity and great art and articles.

    Your article a Journey Through VAST is a MUST READ for evert member and visitor.

    All the best and enjoy with your baby.


  4. Hey guys, thanks a lot. I would not have been what I am without the inspiration and love I got from VAST. Thank you all for making this life worth living. And as for the baby boy…I am sure he will also love VAST as much as I do and I maybe he will turn out to be a better artist than I am.
    Long live VAST!!!

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