A Typical Saturday in VAST

Tonal Drawing Class in VAST

50 students attended the tonal drawing class today.


Phurba conducting the tonal drawing class.

A Saturday in VAST

Asha explaining the finer points of tonal drawing.

Tonal Drawing Class in VAST

50 students are as much as we can accommodate in our studio is VAST.

Tonal Drawing Class in VAST

Kids discovering charcoal.

Schevchenko in VAST

Schevechenko in VAST?

Tonal Drawing Class in VAST

Fun with charcoal.

A Friend From Singapore

A friend from Singapore dabbles in some art, taking a break from her usual banker’s lifestyle.

Preparing a Presentation Package

Tenzin spraying glue onto a picture album, as Dorji passes a comment.

Designing Logos

Asha and Pema working on a logo design.

Designing Logos

Logo designing.

Visitors in VAST

A lot of visitors drop into VAST. Some have very interesting experiences to share.

Talking Movies

Asha and Tshewang going through some video footage.

Passang and the Laughing Buddha

Passang at his Laughing Buddha.

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  1. A Typical Saturday in VAST is really Colourfull……i wish i will be there on such a Saturday…..it’s really an Artistic Saturday….God Bless U All……….

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