Build-A-House Progress Report

Build-a-house project is a special project designed and implemented by VAST Bhutan. The mission is to re-educate the young people in a rural setting, and help them get a better understanding of life. This project will hopefully make the young people realize their potential and importance in our society, and change their attitude towards human suffering. This will also help them develop a deeper sense of volunteerism, and inculcate the desire to help the needy truly from the heart.

VAST would like to thank all the people without whose support this project would not have realized. Contributions have poured in from as far as Singapore, and the US. As of 5 May 2009, the contributions amount to Nu. 198,000 (USD 4020). The VAST committee has decided that the money remaining after this project will be utilized to carry out another build-a-house this winter.

Due to not being able to find a suitable head carpenter (in Bhutanese construction, the head carpenter is the main man), and the late arrival of funds, the project could be started only towards the end of April.


  • Li-Ping, Singapore
  • Peter Ng, Singapore
  • Chua shop fong, Singapore
  • Teng Qianxi, Singapore
  • Leow Soo Leng, Singapore
  • Ong Zhun Yong, Singapore
  • Lam Choy Har, Singapore
  • Goh Ah Heng, Singapore
  • Nicolas Poh, Singapore
  • Cindy Ding, Singapore
  • Yeok Ying, Singapore
  • Aili Teo, Singapore
  • Yap Soo Tin, Singapore
  • Diana Fan, Singapore
  • Amy, Singapore
  • Ivan and Anna, Singapore
  • Jacq, Singapore
  • Tammy, Singapore
  • Jaslyn, Singapore
  • ZhiQiang, Singapore
  • Audrey Poon, Singapore
  • Rose Lee, Singapore
  • Bee Pheng, Singapore
  • Agnes, Singapore
  • Ivy Neo, Singapore
  • Yap Hwee Hoon, Singapore
  • Tan Lay Keng, Singapore
  • Kok Tiong Yun, Singapore
  • Lisa Napoli, USA
  • Lily, USA
  • Tsering Dolma, USA
  • Dillu Giri, Thimphu
  • Phub and Laurance, Thimphu
  • Sangay Wangchuk, Thimphu
  • Lopen Lungten, Thimphu
  • Aku and Tshering Om, Thimphu
  • Asha Kama, Thimphu
  • Yannick, Thimphu
  • Tsoki Tenzin and friends, Thimphu
  • Ama Bidha and Apa Dorji, Kabisa
  • Nima Seldon, Thimphu
  • Thinley and Karma Yangzom, Thimphu
  • Karma Doma Tshering, Thimphu


  • Apa Dorji and Ama Bidha, Kabisa
  • Li-Ping and Cindy, Singapore
  • Kuenga Zam, VAST Bhutan
  • Gelay Jamtsho, VAST Bhutan
  • Rajesh Gurung, VAST Bhutan
  • Aku Sonam, VAST Bhutan
  • Tenzin Norbu, VAST Bhutan
  • Sangay Dorji, VAST Bhutan
  • Pema Tshering, VAST Bhutan
  • Sonam Wangchuk, VAST Bhutan
  • Dorji Wangchuk, VAST Bhutan
  • Pasang Tobgay, VAST Bhutan
  • Asha Kama, VAST Bhutan
  • Garab Dorji, Motithang

We hope the following pictures will suffice to take you to Punakha, where Ap Khen and his family are about to get a shiny new house.

>> Click here for more pictures on flickr

Volunteers in Thimphu

Volunteers loading construction materials in Thimphu.

Apa Dorji

Apa Dorji, a senior volunteer, with the old door from VAST.


Old window on its way to a new home.

Tin sheets

A train of corrugated tin sheets.

The arrival

Arrival of corrugated tin sheets for roofing. Corrugated tin sheets for roofing are much desired in Bhutan.

Welcome, my shiny roof

Aum Zam offers a white scarf “Dhar”, welcoming the new shiny tin sheet roofing.

Wine ceremony

A small celebration. Wine is offered to the local deities and the local volunteers on the occasion of the arriving of the tin sheets.

Wine ceremony

A small celebration. Wine is offered to the local deities and the local volunteers on the occasion of the arriving of the tin sheets.

Wine ceremony

A small celebration. Wine is offered to the local deities and the local volunteers on the occasion of the arriving of the tin sheets.

A dream of mud wall

Aum Zam’s dream of having a house of rammed mud wall.

The head carpenter and his cell

The head carpenter figuring out his cell phone.

The Doors

One door is a mistake. To be removed.

The journey of the "Shuep"

The journey of the “Shuep” is long, and through a leech infested jungle.

10 strong men vs. the 30 feet hard wood

10 strong men vs. the 30 feet hard wood. The struggle was for 3 hours, just to get it to the trail.

Little help

Ap Khen’s 4 children giving a helping hand to their new home.

A young axe man

A young axe man – Ap Khen’s son.

Lunch time.

Lunch time.

>> Build-A-House Project.
>> Click here for more pictures on flickr

10 Replies to “Build-A-House Progress Report”

  1. My Dear VAST!!
    Such great pix…don’t miss the determination on the faces. And the celebration of doors, windows, et al coming up!! Wow, wish I could definitely chip in. One weekend, anyone??

  2. thanks gelay, our sponsors will be very happy and proud to see the progress,
    i think the total days they put in till Saturday were 8 days only
    soon its time for vast volunteers to chip in their bits,
    i am just worried about the leeches!!

  3. Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers…and of course our wonderful VAST…the beautiful smile on the face of the family is all thanks to you all……keep going keep going….will definitely love to chip in…

  4. thanks for the photos..and the efforts of all the volunteers…way to go guys!!!!! the bob marley tee on one of the volunteers..One Love!! cheers frm nyc

  5. Thanks for the updates! Very happy to see the progress. The house looks great.
    I enjoyed the photos most, especially the familiar landscapes… Please keep posting!

  6. great job everyone, people say it’s the thought that counts but action definitely says it all! good deed,indeed!


    This has happened just because of you guys and the donars. Way to enlightenment does not have to be through lhakhangs and temples.Way to go you guys. I hope this the begining of the many things VAST will do.Please include me where ever possible.

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