VAST Water Colour Workshop by Two Eminent Artists

We are honored to have Dr. Surchart Vanthong and Sompote Singthong senior Artists from Thailand passing on their knowledge to us. They have been conducting Art Workshops at VAST studio. The first phase of the workshop, “Introduction to the Special Art Workshop Phase 1”, was conducted for two days (16th May and 17th May). The second phase, “Introduction to the Special Art Workshop Phase 2”, is for five days (19th May till 23rd May) it will be completed today and the members will be heading for an “Art Therapy Tour” from 24th May which will be completed on the 27th May.


Great Artist at Work


Demonstration by Dr. Suchart


Sir Phurba at work


Demonstration by Sompat


Classes in the Market

>> More pictures from the water colour workshop.

Following is an Article written by Aruna Rai in Bhutan Today which was published on wednesday 20th May 2009.

Bhutan – Thailand artists’ conclave and workshop begins
By Aruna Rai

The Voluntary Artists Studio Thimphu (VAST) organised a high level water colour workshop in Thimphu yesterday. The worshop is going to last for two weeks and it being conducted by Dr, Suchart Vonthong and Sompote Singthong, two prominent senior artists from Thailand.

This special art workshop is being orgonised to celebrate the first anniversary of Bhutan – Thailand artistic connection. The workshop is being sponsored by the Royal Thai Consulate, Bhutan Foundation, VAST and other individual sponsors.

Karma Wangdi,(popularly known as Asha Karma), a founding member of VAST, said: “The Main objective behind this workshop is to develop artistic relation between Thailand and Bhutan.”

He further added: “The upcoming young artists need guidance, support, encouragement and much more. With such kind of initiatives, we get exposed to different arts and cultures from other parts of the world. Art has so many things at play. Our country is not realizing this fact. History of art is an important component of cultural exchange.”

There were about 20 participants in the workshop. They were divided into two groups. The theme for the painting was landscapes and flowers.

One of the participants said: “Such kinds of initiatives help us to broaden our artistic knowledge and we come to know a lot of techniques and rules involved in painting.”

According to Dr. Surchart Vonthong, the main intention for undertaking such kind of programme is to exchange art and culture.

He added: “Many people don’t have knowledge of water colour in the international perspective. By attending this workshop, they can follow global developments about art and water colour painting. In future, they can understand the system of water colour painting and its conception become easier for them.”

He further said: “We also try to help those who have problems in painting. People who are attending this program will have a good chance to come up with a new set of ideas of their own and create their own work.”

Participants will be taken for painting outdoor, where they can directly paint what they see in nature.

“Artists, while going out, get direct experience and material from nature and learn how to paint on the spot, ” said Dr. Suchart.

Asha Karma said that this kind of programme is a must in order to promote one anothers’ cultures and traditions.

“We also try to bring out social issues like garbage problems through our paintings. We want to train people in artistic approach about this serious issue. We will exhibit around 5000 to 10,000 pictures on garbage at the end of the workshop,” said Asha Karma.

He further added: “with such kind of initiative we get trained not only as an artist but also as an environmentalist”

Dr. Suchart said that if everyone in Bhutan does not know how to value the beauty of nature, then the garbage problem will soar rapidly.

He said Bhutan has a perfect blend of nature, and people should think about the future and should not mess up the places.

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  1. Grateful to VAST,i have experienced much more things from this Water-Colour Workshop.
    VAST make me feel that i m there,I can say,I didn’t miss this opportunity,I m waiting to learn more from U,my best wishes for u, VAST,,Water Colour Workshop is Great,,,,

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