Thai – Bhutan Artistic connection

The two week water color workshop by our two eminent artist from Thailand Dr Suchart Vongthong and Sompote Singthong has succefully complete.We have a month-long exhibition at VAST with all the beautiful art works,all are welcome to witness anytime. We at VAST would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Suchart and Sompote for the great experience and the knowledge that has been passed, we are very lucky to have had this opportunity.


The Honorary Consul of the Royal Thai Consulate, Ugyen Tshechup with Dr. Suchart and Sompote.


At the Exhibition.


The Honorary Consul of the Royal Thai Consulate, Ugyen Tshechup with Dr. Suchart and Sompote.

Following are some article published in our local papers with regards to the exhibition:

Bhutan Today

VAST workshop gives way to month-long exhibition by Aruna Rai

Exposure to international standards methods of painting has done Bhutanese painters a world of good.

The two-week long special art workshop conducted at the Voluantary Artists Studio, Thimphu(VAST) by two acclaimed senior artists from Thailand, Dr Suchart Vongthong and Sompote Singthong ended yesterday. More than 500 art works were exhibition.

The exhibition is the outcome of the special art workshop conducted by the Thai–Bhutan artistic connection.

The exhibition not the only commemorates the first anniversary of artistic relations between Bhutan and Thailand. But it is also the result of an Endeavour to consolidate and promote people to people relationship.

Karma Wangdi, (popularly known as Asha Kama ), a founding member of VAST, said ‘’The art workshop has been successful and it is clearly visible from the results we have . Through third phase of the art therapy was shock therapy for us because of disaster but in over all it was good experience”

He further said: “Thought I am a tutor, my experience in water colour is not that good. I could learn a universal method of painting and my students have benefited a lot as they have seen these artists doing magic with watercolours. Our artists have improved a lot from this workshop”

The art exhibition is going to last almost one month. A couple of paintings have booked by the guests present at the exhibition.

One of the participants said: This workshop in particular was something unique and different from the usual activities we do as artists from Thailand came to teach us how to professional artists work. It was a good opportunity for us, as we came to know about the real artistic way of painting. When professional artists from other
Countries come to teach us, kit really inspires us. Next similar workshop was planned on Koh Samui. We would stay in beautiful rental houses on the island, and the workshop would be placed in the pure exotic nature.”

He further said that with this workshop he got exposed to some professional art works and they also had an opportunity to interact with all other artist coming from the different regions of our country.

According to Dr Suchart, people were happy about their project and to see their paintings.

He further said: “ Bhutan has a unique culture and traditional and so is their painting, as it is clearly reflected in this workshop and exhibition.”

The Honorary Consul of the Royal Thai Consulate, Ugyen Tshechup, was the chief guest at the art exhibition.





VAST Watercolour Workshop/Exhibition

An Exhibition of watercolour paintings was the culmination of a ten –day workshop conducted by two visiting Thai artists at the invitation of VAST.
Asha Karma, a founding member of VAST, organised the event to make Bhutanese
Painters aware of the basic fundamentals and various techniques that can be employed in watercolour painting.

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