Make A Wish

The proposed “Make a Wish” project is the pilot project designed to link young people to older people from rural areas and provide a platform to regenerate the lost connection between urban youth and rural old people by young serving the old which is an age old Bhutanese tradition slowly dying out. This pilot project will tentatively commence from the 1 September to 8 September 2009 in Bumthang, Punakha and Trongsa for 12 to 15 senior citizen (60 plus) from Kabji villages. During our visit to this region a year ago, these people expressed the wish to visit important religious sites in central Bhutan. These old people will be guided and assisted by 5 young volunteers from urban Thimphu to visit temples and other cultural heritage in the region. Most of these rural participants have not crossed the boundary of their district.

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8 Replies to “Make A Wish”

  1. I know this project as been in Asha’s mind since a long long long time…. Congratulations !!! Finally it became a reality….
    I wish I could be part of it !
    Still sweating on the yoga mat !!!!!
    Missing all of you…

  2. aum Y,

    its indeed been on my mind for long long time!!! still this is just a small pilot project to kick off the dream!!! there are still more to come in real way and you surely can contribute or benefit from them!!!

    take care, please use a thicker mat!!


  3. If I may ‘make a wish’… In the words of Lao Tze….” Act without doing, Work without effort, Think of the small things as large, And the few things as many, Confront the difficult , While it is still easy, Accomplish the great tasks, By a series of small acts.” Way to go, VAST…Someone shared this with me and it couldn’t have come at a more opportune time… I feel that you guys are totally making dreams come true for so many folks in our country…. This is life…. This definitely is living… Keep on running, babes!!

  4. And of course, the pix… Beautiful !! Great way to document an amazing journey…You guys go the whole way 🙂 Anybody ask me what U wish for?!

  5. Asha, you guys have done great jobs…….nice project……it is very amazing.

    all the best asha….,

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