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-by Xochitl Rodriguez
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and so…this one is by the children.

asked the kiddos at VAST to write about their favorite part of the last two days we spent together. They accompanied me to the workshop on Sunday. We spent the day welding a bridge with the help of Dulal.

They watched metal and welding magic, explored the shops, swam in the river and took me for a grand adventure on the city bus.

They photographed the day beautifully.
Big booming smiles were had by all.

today we completed the next step in the boat making process. they’ve also provided beautiful photos of today to share with you all.

From some of the children to all of you:

Tadin Tshewang:
“On 6th December we the 10 people went to the work shop and my favorite part of that was when we travel in the bus because there was so many people. The bus went around the town. And the other one is in the workshop when the welding started and the colour of the fire was so beautiful!

Thandin Tshewang:
“On 6th December we 10 of the members of VAST volunteer to help make boat and bridge. On 10 o clock we came to VAST and 10:15 am we went to the workshop in the city bus.
We made a boat and bridge. We play and learn and ate lunch in the restaurant clock tower. Thank you!”

“On 6th December we the 10 people went to the work shop. I went to river side and I swim it was interesting and it was my favourite part of the day.”

Jamyang Thinley:
“My favorite part of the day:
We went to near river and some of us cross the river. I was trapped in the middle of the river. I felt very cold. One of my friend help me to get out. One of my friend swim in the river. Then we came back and had lunch and we enjoy a lot.”

Lobzang Zangpo:
“We were lost and we walk finding the Sonam Automobile. We reach and Madam Xochi show the boat and gave some sunglass to watch welding! We make bridge. We played pushing car. We go to river and I cross the river and on friend swim in the river yesterday.”

“We push car and we went to small river and we make bridge!!”

Kinley Gyem:
“On 6th we all went to workshop with Xochi and some of our friend to do welding. We learned a lot and we had fun. My favorite part of the day was when Xochi was welding and different colours of sparkles came out. Also when we reach at the clocktower we all were hungry that non one was talking. That day was an enjoyable day.”

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