Dreaming Life with A Brush

Rajesh Gurung

He loves the brush and uses it to give life to the white canvass. Rajesh Gurung, 37, a co-founder of the Voluntary Artists’ Studio, Thimphu (VAST) is one of the popular artists in the country.

The self taught professional artist is a man of many talents. He is a singer, composer of songs, a good writer and an avid reader.

While his art has found its way to many countries, he has also produced an album named after his band, SARCHOPHEGUS, in 2006. It was the first Bhutanese rock album.

The ponytailed artist is a fan of the popular Japanese cartoon character, Naruto, and says that it inspires him to push harder in life. Rajesh, a science graduate from Sikkim, India, earlier worked in a tour company but gave it up to pursue his passion and become an artist.

He says not studying art formally has been an advantage as he is not restricted by any kind of limitation when he holds his brush.

He believes that creativity comes from within and says his paintings have evolved with time. Once he faces the canvass, he says he does not think about the result and puts his heart into it. He claims that commercial works does not please him.

He is always seen carrying a bag which never runs out of books.

He got his name after the popular Indian Bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna. His parents were a great fan of the actor and saw his radiance in their child and the least they could do was name their child after him.

Rajesh claims he is in love…with his recently bought Apple Mac Book Pro. The bachelor says the handy laptop has all the sexy features of a beautiful woman. A big fan of Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, Rajesh says that marriage is not in his priority list. He loves Persian and Japanese movies.

As a child, Rajesh was inspired to be an artist by his elder brother who is also a good artist. His works have been exhibited in countries including Philippines, Japan, Bangladesh and Laos.



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