Youth Interaction Through Art: A VAST winter camp

‘Youth Interaction through Art’ was the theme of this year’s winter camp and the venue chosen was Phuntsholing. Like all the previous camps, this camp was also set with a mission.

The first mission of this camp was to help setup an Art Club for the YDF (Youth Development Fund) Phuntsholing Youth Hostel. This Art Club would be a platform for young aspiring artists of Phuntsholing and for those art enthusiastic youths who visits Phuntsholing during vacations.


The second mission was to build the interpersonal and communication skills of the participants through interaction. The members were made to share their dreams and experiences regarding art and life through interactive games.

The third mission was to boost the artistic skills and to nurture the artistic child of every participants.


The camp started with the introduction of the participants. There were 92 participants in total out of which 82 were students including VAST members. Through the next 8 days, the participants were taught classes on art starting from basic drawing classes to colour theory, watercolour painting, acrylic painting and mixed media technique.


Apart from learning ABC of art, the participants were also made to do an hour of social work every morning. This was organized to educate the youth on the social issues especially issues related to garbage problem that is springing up rapidly in Bhutan.

The last two days were reserved for productions, during which the participants created their masterpieces. The artworks were exhibited on the final day. The senior citizens of Phuntsholing along with Dasho Dzongda of Chukha Dzongkhag graced the exhibition and awarded the prizes and certificates.


The 8 day camp was organized by VAST and YDP Nazhoen Pelri Phuntsholing and sponsored by OCEAN Foundation USA, Zimdra Industries, India House Club, Mahindra Banthia and YDF.

9 Replies to “Youth Interaction Through Art: A VAST winter camp”

  1. Pasang, kunga and dorji
    the camp was successful and the p/ling community
    especially the BIFA were very supportive,
    big thanks you to all of them!!!
    To all the VAST instructors/volunteers and students thats the way to go !!!! keep it up and i am proud to be the report will be coming soon. Like always mam “Y” says what’s next!!!!?

  2. I meant to say i am very proud to be a part of all these wonderful activities!!!
    the report is on the way soon.
    Now whats up next, few of us will be going to check on the thamji Zam’s house construction part of our special project on the 1st, if any one is interested you are most welcome to join and spend a night at her place, this place is blessed with a million ngulturm view, if the dust and pollution permits!!!
    the VAST annual festival is still hanging in limbo, i still feel we are not ready yet for the date?????

  3. Brilliant, brilliant!!
    Once again, I’m taken in by VAST and its many camps.
    I’m so glad I drove down the dusty road to Phuentsholing with Chingkula and Snowy.
    I relaxed, read and painted….yes!! Me, painting!!
    Thank you guys for the warm and casual atmosphere..where children can explore their creativity and discover something new about themselves.
    I certainly did…and so is born another (f)artist!!
    Go VAST!!

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