Tsip (1986 - 2010)
Tsip taught us how to laugh. When not laughing, he lived life on his own terms.

Your laughter will forever fill VAST.

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  1. I just found out..and seein his pic here I cudnt hold it in anymore..
    And it hurts even more that Im not back home rite now..
    Im sorry..I’ve been staring at dis blank comment box for a while and I cant manage to write more dan dis..will pray for him..he was a gr8 guy..a gud fren..he’ll alys be fondly remembered..please pass on my condolences to his family and to all da VAST frens..Im sorry..

  2. I can’t believe he is no more…I just can’t believe that he is no more…I met him last week and as usual we were arguing over stupid things…the fact that he is no more is not sinking into my head.
    Tsip has been a boon to VAST. He was a great artist…a great friend. We all are going to miss him…Dear Tsip…thank you for all the laughter and fun. I will miss you and we all the member of VAST will always remember you.

  3. I really can’t believe our VAST family member Tsip passed away. He filled VAST with laughter and great paintings. He befriended everybody who came to VAST. He was a great guy.

    Dear Tsip,
    How I wish you were here amongst us. I can’t believe you departed and left a gap in VAST. I just met you last week.
    We will miss you and always remember you.
    May you take rebirth soon into the VAST family.


  4. tsip was such a great person, one of the few “vast kids” always making time to talk to me.
    i still remember our alcohol infused conversation, guess i always will have that memory : )
    my condolences to his family, karma chuki and the vast group.

    here’s to tsip, to a life well lived and lovingly remembered.

  5. I am totally shocked..Tsip passed away..i cnt believe it..we were buddies…i miss him
    As part of the VAST family..we miss you to our DEAR Tsip
    I will miss you, we were together since young and we belonged to eachother..you left a place in our hearts and thats irreplaceable..you will forever be missed..we all love you

  6. Tsip was one of the most adorable buddies in VAST, had great sense of humour and was always full of life.
    You have touched our lives in more ways than one and you will always be missed.
    Fondest love.

  7. I am sorry to hear about about our dear freind Tsip. He was a very special person and I still can’t believe that he has left us. He and I were room mates for a week in Nepal and he was a perfect room mate as he was a perfect human being…. . a few later we worked on the golden youth logo together…… ..another perfect
    I don;t know what else to say besides it hurts so much and being so far away makes it worse. The pain for his family and friends must be worst. My condolences to them and we will all pray that he will come back to us !!!!

    This one is for you Tsip:
    I am so grateful for knowing you even for a short while and I will always feel the pain of losing another great human being from my life, from this world !!!!! REST IN PEACE TSIP, We love you always !!!!

  8. Tsip is in evry life-full hearts..One day i saw a comment of my friend “tsip how r u?”Then I thought Tsip must b very special for him & tsip is also different personality.F i try to know about tsip from VAST web,an article also published on tsip,till then i know tsip and he is really a good human-being artist,,,he is living in evry good human-beings artist,,,

  9. I just heard about Tsip……I’m so sorry, what a wonderful young guy, full of so much energy and love for life. I just wanted to say that he is in my thoughts and my heart. I didn’t know him well, but I am sure enjoyed our bike trip together and I remember him always smiling. My thoughts go out to all his family, friends and especially to his VAST family.

    I was just going to leave on a bike trip on this beautiful morning in honor of Tsip, when I thought of such a happy memory of Tsip that it changed my sadness to happiness. And I wanted it to share it with Tsip’s VAST family because this is such a sad time for you all.

    We were riding REALLY late in the night on our way to Gelephu, in fact, just trying to get there to eat and sleep! I was ssoooo hungry!! and I was riding beside Tsip and we just kept going faster and faster and laughing so much. The roads were so bad!!!! Every minute or so, it felt like the whole road disappeared and our bikes would just drop and it was hard to stay upright, and we were riding so fast. Then we came to this bridge, oh my god!!! It has this area that both Tsip and I went over that was just 2 big boards with gaps in them that were unfortunately……….just big enough for our damn bike tires to drop into. And we hit it so fast, it was like being on a circus ride. I remember getting to the end of the bridge and once both Tsip and I were on the road again, there was a look of ‘phew, we made it’ shared between us and a laugh and we started going faster again. That was a cool thing to get to do and I’ll never forget it. Thanks for making that trip fun Tsip!

    Keep smiling all you VAST people, you were really lucky to have him around you for that long. I bet he brought a ton of happiness to your lives!

  10. as long as we don’t give up tsip lives in us!!
    be proud that we are part of him
    lets work harder, be kinder, more humble and
    lets our artwork justify the our existence!

  11. when we were friends, there was not a single day that passed by, when he didn’t make me laugh…. and the same he did to everyone….. I will always cherish those days….

    if there is something beyond life…. may his soul rest in peace!!!

  12. Tsip will forever live in us and will always be remembered by the VAST family and other friends..
    he has always made us laugh and we shall continue doing that in his honour.
    As Asha says, we will work harder and be more humble.
    Tsip has made the bond of Vast family even stronger.
    love u tsip…

  13. James Dean said * Dream as if you’ll live forever..Live as if you’ll die today*
    Tsip made a lot of brave decisions in his life..refused to listen to reason from anyone…
    He lived life large and laughed even larger…
    To my favorite country singer, Tsip….You are my cowboy..
    You are forever in our hearts.

  14. Everybody laugh because I called you Tip !!!!
    Each time I was entering VAST, I could feel when you were around…. Just by this positive energy that always was floating around you…
    It will keep floating for ever in VAST, this for sure….
    Love you !

  15. Hey guys,feel,Tsip is around u,Tsip wana to live through his SELF-PORTRAIT,,paint by himself,that means he wana to live through his paintings,,,see his paintings,the place where he used to work,see his brushes,colours,canvases,,,HEY HE IS THERE,,,
    ofcourse he is around u,,,he can’t never leave u,,,always try to feel happy,becaz u can feel Tsip only through large amount of HAPPINESS,LAUGH & ART,,,Tsip is there……

  16. He was one of the nicest persons ever.. n to think i just met him 2weeks ago.. we will all miss you. 🙁 a talented person, and a really good friend.. u will always be in our hearts 🙂 n I am proud to have been one of ur many friends 🙂

  17. Dear Sonam;

    May you rest in peace. You were one of my first friends in Bhutan. I always felt that you lived your life fullest.

    Kaadinchey La for all the help and support you rendered to me while I was there.

    Like the sundial I shall only count the daylight hours.


  18. It was heart breaking to know of Tship’s demise. Saw a lot of tribute paid to him on facebook… that’s where I came to know of it. Met him about two months back and had a brief chat with him. I always saw him as carefree, talented artist with positive energy around him. He spread joy around him. May your soul rest in peace. You will be missed Tship.

  19. i cant believe that tship is not around us. whenever we get together i always think that he is also around us. we will miss his way of talking and the way he makes us laugh as everyone said that he is the one who always made us laugh a lot every day when we were together. VAST family remember will always remember you tship….love you.

  20. few days ago i was talking with au tashi
    (tships elder sister) she was telling me how used to make her and the brother laugh , we were talking about how he was and the funny things he used to do …his sister knows all of our names and was saying that she had imagined how we would look like . she was telling me his study time table – five minutes of study and fifty minutes – sleep time – and she said he used to follow it .
    tship you made us all happy ……
    Rest in Peace

  21. its was shocked to hear that tship passed way,its greatest lost to our vast member.he was the one who made us laught , i cant belived that tship u left us!

    rest in peace

  22. dear tship,
    i ve learned hw to b happy n live my life with no regrets…. u kept telling me to do wat i rly want to do in my life. i love u n i stil love u… i dont knw hw i m gonna get over u…. its like a dream to me tht u r gone n no more beside me…. i told u not to let me get used to u so much… nw i m finding it hard to believe tht i cant c u nemore….
    dear vast friends,
    when i first met tship, i had no idea tht he had liked me frm the first day v had met… tsho tsho wanted me to volunteer for BYCA n tship wanted her to bring one of her girlfren to help… he wanted tsho’s fren to b pretty. n when he first saw me, his wish came true. he fell in love.. n i had no idea abt it… i alys wanted to join VAST. i went to vast with tsho, tship n loday. (i think i was meant to b with vast as i had a very good feeling abt it when i first went there). i knew tship likes me when two of us went for a dinner one day. i was feeling very hungry n tship took me to eat ignoring al his frens. its jst tht he din ve the guts to tel me..
    i made the first move at my frens plc since he was not making his move.. heh… i told him tht i like him n tht i had a feeling he likes me too… he blushed like a kid n told me he likes me too… i stil remember the smile on his face when he used to get shy n nervous.
    then time passed by n i liked him even more n more. we started meeting every single day at vast. we knew v din ve ne work ther, bt stil v wer ther to c eachother. i had neva met a guy like tship who was full of life n made me laugh al the time. he hated to c a single tear in my eyes. n i think thts the reason y i couldnt cry during his funeral. i was strong enough to do wat i can to help. n al his vast frens did their best. u guys rock! especially while doing team work. thts the best part i like abt vast. its hard n very sad for every member in vast to loose a person like him… tship n me talked so much abt vast n al the people ther. he had so many stories with each n every1 in vast.. b it funny o serious.. lol… he didnot leave a single bit of it. bt he kept forgettin my part of stories as he had short time memory… heh…. we clicked as we both kinda had same personality. i was happy frm the day i met him…. v wer meant to meet n fall in love. n even if our love was for a short period of time, it seems like i knw tship for more than a yr. i tried my best to make him happy too.. n hopefully i did tht… he ll b remembered in my life as i had more good memories than bad ones. its hard to believe it n it rly hurts wheneva i miss him every single second. i ll have to let it go n b happy for him as he had lived his life to the fullest. n try to live my life as he wanted me to.
    i love u very much tship.
    n i love al the people in vast.
    tship taught me how to love some1 so much n tht was himself… hehe…. i had regrets bt not anymore… i ll live my life without ne regrets as hw tship lived his life…
    may he rest in peace!

  23. enjoy life how it is n as it comes! there are many things in ur life tht will catch ur eyes but only few will catch ur heart…. puesue those………. thats wat tship had taught me during his stay in my life…..

  24. Karma,
    All members at VAST would thank you for making the last months of Tsip’s life, the happiest of his life. VAST is also happy to have you as one of the members and we are sure that you will continue your life’s journey with VAST. I appreciated your strength, not to shed a tear as he wouldn’t be happy if you did. We all miss him and we pray that he’ll have a happy and short after life, and be reborn into this world, to be a part of VAST again.


    Dear Tshewang,
    VAST is also there for you, and we pray for your quick recovery from the trauma that you are going through.
    We wish you all the best.

  25. Tsip’s funeral was a moment of truth…a moment which made us feel the realities of life…a moment where VAST once again did a great job as a team. I think Tsip’s soul would have been very proud of us on that day too…for all of us were there for him till the end. I thank VAST for bringing us all together and giving us this opportunity to live a life of an Artist. I would like to quote what Asha has said:
    “as long as we don’t give up tsip lives in us!!
    be proud that we are part of him
    lets work harder, be kinder, more humble and
    lets our artwork justify our existence!”
    We the members of VAST and all the art lovers have to take the art to the next level. We are the chosen ones. We have already done the hard part…now its time to show what we are and who we are. If we do that Tsip will live with us forever.
    Today I take this opportunity not to be sad but to be proud of VAST for making a difference in our lives especially for Tsip who had such high regard of VAST…to be proud of Karma for completing Tsips life…and…to be proud of Tsip for touching our lives…
    Dear Tsip, you will always be remembered, your laughter will be with us forever…take care and begin the new journey of life as a great artist!

  26. dear tship

    i remember how we used to walk home and the whole world would change with every step with visions, imaginations and dreams. talks of color, light and cars and future. talks of the one globe car which wouldn’t need wheels nor road. you would laugh at some of my visions and i would laugh at some of yours. together we perfected our every thought on our way.

    we would cut mountains to create the most amazing stadium and built the most beautiful places that one couldn’t see.

    we walked our dream day or night and lived it like no other knew how.

    you will always be there, i know for our dream still lives and the visions are still as bright, colorful and as fresh as they were then.

    i will miss you my friend..

  27. The first time I met tsip we danced together, he showed me how to move your hands like a smooth perfect wave.
    The first time I seriously talked to tsip he was sitting on a bench in the clocktower, and I was walking by. I said hello, and was just going to pass by, but his happy, carefree presence on the bench, compelled me to sit down with him and share a cigarette. He told me he had just quit his job. Happily quit. No self-pity, no complaints. He had just walked out of the office, and found his way to the clocktower. He was going to paint. I remember thinking that tsip was one of the only people I knew who took full responsibility for their own happiness. He didn’t wait for things to be better. He made things better.
    The first time I had drunken talk with tsip he told me about his older sister, who he secretly admired beyond words. He wanted her to pursue her passion for music, and felt deeply sorry that she felt obliged to join an office job. He wished he had her talent, for then he would take it as far as he could.
    The first time I saw that tsip was painting pink (tsip and pink?) blossoms in VAST I knew he was happy. And like he always did, he was sharing his happiness with all. Bold and confident in his happiness.
    Thank you tsip for letting me see these small glimpses into your beautiful soul. I know you will live in the hearts of many.

  28. So he came beaming a thousand smiles
    On fleeting memories he rode
    Never a frown on his crown
    Amid the living dead he descended
    Moments caressing his frail faint hands

    Why? When? Where? Bothered him but little
    A child whose laughter would ripple through everything
    Nascent butterflies flew from within him
    Glimpses to lost souls a way of life
    Cruel though his fate
    He never gave up, gave in
    Up he would rise each time
    Kaleidoscopic though short his sojourn

    For my dear friend, drinking buddy, a kindred soul…

  29. I have been trying to avoid commenting…..it felt like commenting meant accepting that ur not here anymore but i was wrong ur a big part of us and u always will remain that way no matter what. I will always remember ur rooster…

  30. Dear all,

    Unfortunately I never crossed my paths with Tsip whom I believe had very special talent and was a special person who seem to have greatly touched the lives of his many friends….a conclusion I have drawn after reading all the comments written by VAST members. I am deeply touched with the deep sense of affection, unity and solidarity amongst VAST members….Keep the VAST spirit alive!!! Hats off to Asha Karma who may have been responsible for creating such spirit amongst the talented Bhutanese at VAST!

  31. Im truly sorry for the lost. This lost teaches us how uncertain life is. It teaches us to do good when we are alive. There are only memories of what we did will remain. All the messages here speak to me how wonderful he is. Rest in peace.

  32. Hey bro… R.I.P. Remember the good old days at Bhutan spent sharing super expensive cigs with you and the guys…. May you family Hold strong at the moment of grief…. You’ll be missed!!!!

  33. dear sonam,

    i know death is just one of the many changes we undergo in life.
    i know death is not the end, but a beginning.
    i know as long as we remember you, you will always be with us.
    and still the thought of you having died hurts so much that I can’t express it with words.

    thank you for your joy, your laughs, your love for life. thank you for sharing all this.
    may our paths cross again in some other life.

  34. dear all,
    when a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.
    when there is darkness, dare to be the first to shine a light.
    when there is injustice, dare to b the first to condemn it.
    when something seems to b difficult, dare to do it anyway.
    when life seems to beat u down, dare to fight back.
    when there seems to b no hope, dare to find some.
    when u feel tired, dare to keep going.
    when times are tough, dare to b tougher.
    when love hurts u, dare to love again.
    when someone is hurting, dare to help them heal.
    when another is lost, dare to help them find the way.
    when a friend falls, dare to b the first to extend a hand.
    when u cross paths with another, dare to make them smile.
    when u feel great, dare to help someone else feel great too.
    when the day has ended,dare to feel as u ve done ur best.
    dare to be the best u can at all times. DARE TO BE!

  35. my deepest condolences to the vast family on this untimely demise of a wonderful guy. i have met him couple of times and found him relaxed, and i liked it. my prayers to his spirit and hey! death is painful but at the same there is birth on the other side waiting for him… cheers

  36. Dear Tsip,
    You were always pulling my leg, telling me u had a son, and then introducing Karma to me as your sister. Can’t beleive that we will never see you again. Wherever you are, I hope its a great place.

  37. He said
    Crisp! Crisp! Crisp!
    He said,
    Listen to the cracking sound you make while eating chips slowly.
    Close your eyes for a while and enjoy the crispy sound it makes when you chomp the chips.
    He said,
    Wind! Listen to the sound made by winds during evening walks.
    Close your eyes and smell the cold and dry winter winds
    He said,
    Paint! Hear your heart and know your desires,
    Your likes, your passion, your love
    And then close your eyes and see what you want to paint.
    He said,
    Listen to the voices of children
    “Doesn’t it remind you of your childhood and how innocent we were?”
    He said,
    Listen to the birds’ sing, the sound of the trees and the wind that makes it scratch the trees onto each other.
    Close your eyes lay flat on your head, on the forest lands and breathe the scent of the cypress trees, and then you would know how it makes you have goose bumps.
    He said,
    I don’t have any regrets in my life
    Have lived the way I wanted all my life
    But I have one thing to do
    I have to be man enough to provide for my love (kuchu).
    He said
    I have to work hard for her and live with her all my life.
    He said
    I love you and I want to be with you as you are the love of my life.

  38. My feelings
    Oh! What a painful feeling
    Why? Why? Why?
    I dunno what this feeling is
    But I am sure it hurts like hell.
    What is this heavy feeling inside my heart?
    As if someone had put a massive stone onto it.
    Why is everyone crying?
    I dunno what is happening in front of me
    Is this a dream?
    Or is this a gag?
    I dunno why but I am lost and hurt so much
    To think about what has happened.
    What has happened? I am confused.
    I dunno why people keep telling me to be strong and everything is going to be just fine.
    Why does this wet stuff come out of my eyes every time I see people coming to see me?
    Am I sick? Or am I hallucinating?
    I dunno why all my relatives calls me and tells me not to worry and everything is going to be okay.
    What has happened?
    I dunno……………………
    Then, I hear a voice inside my head
    Not my voice
    Not my mother’s, nor my father’s
    Not anybody else’s
    But my beloved Tship.
    Oh! What a calamity.
    I hear him but can’t see him,
    It made me more confused and uneasy.
    I dunno he was there or not,
    But I was sure it was his voice.
    The voice I longed for days
    I hear him,
    Tells me to be strong and that he is no more.
    How much he still loves me.
    He calls my name,
    And tells me,
    “You have to be happy for me and do me proud.
    You are not to shed any tear during my funeral”.
    Whispers are gone, voices are no more.
    I was dreaming till now, and he made me come back to reality.
    I dunno why I couldn’t shed a drop of tear during that poignant day.
    But whatever it was, it made me come back and do whatever I could do for him.

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