Grand Opening

-Article by TshoTsho and Puki

Our new VAST Studio, a two storied old house with a cafe, library and a studio upstairs is now located at the Clock Tower Square. It took us more than a month to renovate the new VAST studio. After days of breaking down and fixing the broken pieces, the new VAST was something to look at.

May 15th was the day, VAST was reopening with a new gallery and a cafe. At 5 :30 in the morning Asha , tshotsho and babyla were getting things ready for the Lhabsa. Asha lam started with the Lhabsa and we got busy cooking breakfast, last minute preparation while Madam Yannick and Tandin were filming the opening sequence. After the Lhabsa all of us gathered at the front door waiting for Asha Lam and Asha to grace the opening. By 9 am guests, family members and friends started pouring in with gifts and donations for VAST. Everyone who came were welcomed with suja , desi and shamday.


What attracted our guests to the “Newly Opened VAST Cafe” was the chilli momo(ema datsi momo),first in town, we had home baked cakes contributed by the members , friends and families of VAST as contribution for VAST fund raising.

The Exhibition was a success with everyone appreciating the Art works and the effort put up by each individual in creating the new VAST. Most of the guests showed their encouragement by buying paintings and encouraging them to continue their beautiful work. We owe our gratitude to all those who contributed to VAST cafe where the proceeds go to the VAST fund.


When everyone was busy with their own responsibilities, Sir S. Bishwa was upstairs preparing a feast for VAST members. Everyone had a good meal after an eventful day.

That is not the end, Asha opened the champagne and everyone’s faces were filled with joy. We didn’t have a tashi labey dance , instead we had a modern tashi labey by bokto , aue kueron , tashi , aue chimi , thukten and Drakpa.

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  1. Ooooh…the Ema-Datshi Momo was delicious!!! I think everyone should give it a try. It’s an out-of-the-box stuff in terms of the taste! And Kuenga and Tashi should bake more and make baking their second job! You guys are great as a team. I am glad that you married each other. Now you guys can have a couple bakery 😀 As for me…I will just eat as much as I can and keep appreciating all the cooks for always filling my stomach with food 😛 Lastly three cheers to the new VAST. Its a place to be!

  2. our pleasure aue Dorji !!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with passang aue kuenga and aue tashi should bake more often. the cakes did well that day aue kuenga …and your brownies were yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy…… aue the cafe is waiting for your delicious cakes .

  3. the opening was great…had a great time. sad could not stay for mr. subire delicious dinner. hahhah…thanks guys..but i think the cake was not that good..will try and improve it…

  4. Congratulations to everyone on the new studio.
    Ema-datsi momo sounds pretty cool, can someone ship some over to me?

    @kuenga, Tashi bakes??

  5. Dear VAST members,
    Sorry, I was not there to help you guys as I had to go to Haa for the annual rituals at home. I am happy to read that you guys did a great job and had a good time during the opening.
    I ‘ll be there soon to contribute in every little way I can.

    Wishing our VAST all the best in its endeavours.

  6. way to go puki n tsho… i loved reading it… wat fascinated me was the new ema datshi momo… cant wait to get a taste of tht…. hhe… al in al, gr8 article …. n congratulations for the success of the grand opening…. love u al n VAST!!

  7. Aja Karma good to hear abt new studio,frm Maiyesh,had a good time there,hpe u’ll visit oneday (Shantiniketan).All the best n wish ur Vast Club a Bright future.Keep it up.

  8. Aue Chimi shall be back with more back breaking moves on the “Art of Giving Night”…………bokto be ready to partner.

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