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We’d be delighted if you could join us for a delightful evening of food, drinks, film premieres, and artwork at our inaugural Art of Giving Night on Thursday, July 1, 2010.

A delicious dinner prepared with love from our favorite restaurant, Musk, will be served to arouse your senses.Funds raised on this occasion will directly support those Bhutanese-in-need thanks to VASTís network of projects.

Despite its uniqueness, Bhutan is no stranger to the contrast between affluence and poverty. Witnessing individuals who lack basic needs, such as food and clothing, is a call to action for our small-scale projects, which including the Rice Bank, Build a House, and Make a Wish. While we appreciate and laud individual efforts to alleviate poverty, we realize these projects will not, and cannot, end this problem alone. Instead, our aim is to instill social responsibility within Bhutanese youth to provide a long lasting impact in the fight against poverty.

Please read on to learn more about The Art of Giving Night and how your contribution can make a big difference.

At a glance:

  • When: Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 6:30 PM
  • Where: The new VAST Studio by the clock tower
  • Donation: Minimum Nu. 500

Your attendance will support our projects

Rice Bank
VAST Rice Bank aims to break the vicious cycle of debt that farmers in villages experience through the most basic commodity in life: rice. We started this project in three villages in Punakha, and we hope to expand.

Build A House
During one of our trips to a village in Kabesa, Punakha, we came across a family living in a dilapidated hut. Ap. Khen and his wife have four children between the ages of four and 13. The father is currently recovering from Hansenís disease and his hands are partially deformed. The mother is living with a terminal burn injury. The family lives on a very small land holding and is solely dependent on forest products and crop sharing for subsistence. With their limited means, they have not been able to send any of their children to school. The family is now one of the beneficiaries of our Rice Project. Inspired by this meeting, we launched a Build- A-House community programme so that impoverished families may live comfortably. Ap Khen and his family are the first recipients of this programme. In 2008, we raised enough funds to build a one floor mud house for Ap. Khen. With the left over funds, we constructed an accra one floor house for Aum Zam in Tamidamchu, Punakha. We are currently raising funds for another home for Lham and her family of five in Thamji, Punakha.

Make A Wish
There are many issues between young and old people emerging as Bhutan goes through rapid changes. Some of these issues are directly related to the generation gap and not having activities that usefully engage the youth in understanding their elders.

ìMake a Wishî project is designed to link young and old from rural and urban areas.Through an age old Bhutanese tradition, the young serve their elders and regenerate a lost connection. This pilot project took place on 1 September to 8 September 2009 in Bumthang, Punakha and Trongsa for 28 senior citizens (60 plus) from Kabji villages. During our visit to the region, locals expressed the wish to visit important religious sites in central Bhutan. Ten young VAST volunteers from urban Thimphu accompanied them to temples and other cultural heritage sites in the region. Most of the rural participants had never crossed the boundary of their district.

Young Monks of Phadjoding

The World Monument Fund placed Phajoding in the top five most endangered cultural monuments in the world, but a recent trip to Phadjoding shows us that it is not only the building that needs support. While over 26 monks currently live within the monastery, government funds only cover 14 bodies. Many of these young monks come from economically disadvantaged families, and their basic needs, such as food and clothing, are just barely met. VAST ës newest project will connect its young volunteers to the monks of Phadjoding by having them offer warm clothing.

We will also be serving:

Short Film Premiere

In June 2010, renowned film-maker and film school director, Michael Brown, ran one of his Adventure Film Schools in Bhutan (adventurefilmschool). This film school is a 12 day program for international film students. Two Bhutanese student film makers, Tenzin La and Thinley, were invited to join this 12 day film school free of cost.

To take advantage of resources rarely available in Bhutan, The Institute of Language and Culture Studies (ILCS) hosted the post-production workshop conducted by editor Sharyn Smith. Three additional Bhutanese were also invited to participate. Smith provided mentorship and feedback on their projects and developed technical editing and story telling/narrative skills.

We are delighted to premiere the five short films produced and edited by the Bhutanese who completed the workshop. The film makers will be present at the event for Q&A sessions and any informal feedback.

Film Makers

  • Tenzin La – ILCS Audio Visual Unit
  • Tandin Chophel – VAST member
  • Tin Tin Pema Tshering – VAST member and artist
  • Tashi Gyelsten – Script writer and film maker

Silent Art Sale

Throughout the night youíll have the opportunity to bid on pieces of art created by VAST members and local artists. Because the artists believe in artful giving, many of their works are donated. By purchasing their pieces you will again directly fund our projects. Attending the Art of Giving Night is an opportunity to show your support while enjoying beautiful art, food, and company.Along with all of the art that we hope you will purchase, a minimum donation of Nu 500 is requested. We look forward to seeing you there!

Live Entertainment by various Bhutanese musicians

P.S The night is about giving so please feel free to bring anything you do not need or want

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