Beskop Tsechu


Beskop Tsechu is a film festival featuring short, non-commercial films from Bhutanese filmmakers, highlighting the medium of film and storytelling as an art. The films are varied: some are narrative fiction, some are documentary, or animation. Some deal with social issues, others are more experimental, artistic or cultural. All the filmmakers produced their films as a form of artistic expression or social responsibility, and have personally borne their own costs.

This independent film festival was organized to provide a platform for filmmakers to express and experiment with the medium of film-making, without the burden of profit or commercialization. Filmmakers and artists also hope that by sharing non-commercial alternative films with people, we may cultivate a new viewing culture, and promote a new appreciation for different films. VAST continually strives to provide a conducive space to grow, artistically and creatively, through art and expression. Today, it is through the medium of film and storytelling.

There are no sponsors for this event, it is a result of the combined efforts, energy and vision of VAST Bhutan and independent filmmakers.


2 Replies to “Beskop Tsechu”

  1. respected Sir/madam,
    As per your announcement made earlier about the beskop tshechu which is to show at clock tower coming 21-23 oct.2011,we are so interested to summit 25 minute documentary film about Leprosy patients. But the obstacle and problem we faced is about the music to use in film. Instead if we use the musics without copyright,what will be the consequences? and what else would you like to give us support?
    So we being graduate student, we need your kind help and support.
    This documentary will help all the people around the world. It has lots to tell the story. We had finished making the documentary but struck without musics.
    Therefore, I will wait for your comments and informations till the date of submission.
    Thanks alot for using your precious time with us.

  2. Hi Tshering,
    its not so strict about the music, we just don’t want to get into trouble with any Bhutanese film producers/composers later…. If its really not possible to change the music, why don’t you just submit it as it is, and we’ll let the selection committee decide about the screening.. also, write to us here: for more immediate response.. thank you for your interest. Also, for more details you can check

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