His Majesty The King Awards Asha Kama, The National Order Of Merit Gold Medal

His Majesty the King with Asha Kama

On this most auspicious day – the National Day, His Majesty the King awarded Asha Kama The National Order Of Merit Gold Medal.

On this national event held at the Changlimithang Stadium, attended by thousands of people, and telecast live throughout the country, His Majesty called Asha Kama to the dais and outlined Asha’s tireless voluntary efforts in working with the youth of Bhutan.

In the evening, in true VAST spirit, everybody gathered in the studio to celebrate this very prestigious honour.

We are very proud of you Asha, and we are happy beyond words. And as Asha mentioned at the dinner, if we conduct ourselves as His Majesty had mentioned in his address to the nation – committed and with compassion, in harmony with our society – VAST members would be winning medals every year.

Congratulations Asha. You have our full support in whatever you do, and we pray for many more honors for you.

Congrats to Asha Kama

Congrats to Asha Kama

Congrats to Asha Kama

Congrats to Asha Kama

17 Replies to “His Majesty The King Awards Asha Kama, The National Order Of Merit Gold Medal”

  1. Congratulation dear Asha,…. 🙂 You deserve it and i am very happy for you.” TASHI DELEK” sem key deng ley rang yeo may Asha…..:)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ASHA!!! You are the man. We are so very happy and proud for you. Congratulations and may VAST win another award next year 😀 Asha you deserve the award.

  3. Its been the moment we all been looking forward to, Asha deserves it more than anyone and in this celebration..today we beat the drum for you..congratulations from thailand

  4. Dear all
    Thank you Thank you!!!
    Well, I have proudly accepted the the National Order of Merit Award in honor of all of you and all those volunteers and fellow artists. The biggest award for me though, is to realize that we are not left behind by our benevolent hero of the nation (HM) and we are very much loved and cared by him!!! so we all need to renew our energy, commitment and compassion towards the king, people and the country. Lets promise that we will not let him down or make him feel lonely up there!!!

    Thanks again


  5. Sooooo well deserved – and a typically modest response to the award! Congratulations and all best wishes for the continued success of VAST. Fif x

  6. Hi Azha Karma….Congratulations! not totally surprised. Keep up the good job. I am sure, you will have better and bigger space to continue doing what you are doing and reaching it out even further. See you when I get back. Happy 2011~

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