VAST in the 5th exhibition of New Expression of Asian Art

14 artist from Vast participated in the 5th exhibition of new expression of art hosted by dhonburi Rajabhat University in the National Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand.

The New Expression of Asian Art exhibition is a platform for artist to not only exhibit there work but to share, exchange ideas, to learn and to promote Asian art to the rest of the world.In this years exhibition 14 countries and over 100 artist participating in the exhibition.

Artist from Vast got the opportunity to meet and exhibit with masters from all over Asia.







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  1. i like the spirit of the vast . dear Dorgi wangchuk . kindly intimate me the news of the new expression of the Asian Art. kindly give me the dates. i have requested many times to forward me the dates and events of the world where you are participating. my students or my self will participates.
    it is so nice that you went to a new building and you are so busy . thank you sir . i will visit vast inthe month of februeary .prof adinarayana

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