VAST summer camp

Reflections by the Group Leaders from Ura

Day One (30 June)

During the morning of the 30th, first we arranged the wood that was scattered behind the house. Then we started our session in which we learned the definition of art. Next we divided ourselves into eight groups by naming our group names and then explaining why we chose the particular name. Then we went outside and made a conceptual sculpture show. Suddenly the famous artists from Thimphu, America, and Thailand came and we welcomed them and they introduced themselves to us.

After lunch we went to our session and the artist from Thailand started teaching us how to draw using basic shapes like trapezoids, circles, and rectangles. Then they gave us each an art book, a pencil, and an art bag. In the art book we started to draw whatever the artist drew. The artist drew a picture of a temple, a mountain, and our village, but the most interesting thing we did was to draw a picture of our teacher Kama. After that the session ended.

Next we prepared for the night programme in which we made a campfire and then we all gathered in a room and started singing. All the friends sang a song and some of the friends also danced and we really enjoyed it. After this we went to sleep and the programme for the 30th June 2011 ends here.

-Ugen Penjan & Dorji Rinchen

Day Two (1 July)

First we did the cleaning and we organized all the papers. After that we had breakfast and a break. Then we went to class where we started to paint while the artist taught us how to paint buildings. We learned a lot and then we had lunch.

After lunch we cleaned up and had free time, then we went to start concentrating on whatever the Thai artist had taught. Then they gave us watercolours, brushes, and other art supplies so we could go outside and paint the valley after learning how to paint mountains and buildings.

-Karma Yeshey Dorji & Thinley Tenzin Norbu

Day Three (2 July)

This morning I woke up and saw the village and the mountains. Some people were washing, some were playing, and some were drawing. Then I went inside to have tea and breakfast. Next, class began and we learned how to draw and paint. We learned how to paint landscapes and houses and how to draw faces with charcoal.

After lunch we went to class to take our sketch bags and went outside to paint. Doing painting we sat in our respective groups and discussed with each other. After sketching we went back to our rooms to leave our sketch bags and we went outside to practice dance for the ending programmes. After that we went to play games.

– Sonam Zangmo Thingh & Tinley Tenzin Norbu

Favorite Parts of the Camp

I enjoyed painting with friends.
-Ngawang Pelzom (11 yrs)

I love to paint.
-Tenzin Namgay (11yrs)

I liked singing with the other boys.
-Thinley Tenzin Norbu (14 yrs)

My favorite lesson was the watercolour lesson.
-Pema Yangzom (13 yrs)

We really liked the lesson about nature with watercolour.
-Tshering Lhaden and Tashi Lhamo (Library Managers/Teachers)

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