Youth Interaction Through Art (Summer Camp)

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The Youth Interaction through Art was organized by VAST Bhutan in cooperation with READ Bhutan. The Youth Interaction through Art was designed and conducted by VAST Bhutan from 29th June to the 3rd July 2011 in Ura, Bumthang. The Camp coincided with the school summer break to provide students constructive activity while they are out of class. There were a total of 120 participants creating an environment of a combination of young and old artists alike from both Thimphu and Ura.

Our Art Camp is in line with the goal of positive adolescent and youth development and also with one of our mandates, to interact with youth and provide time, space, and vocational skills through exposure to, interaction with, and participation in learning through Art.

There are many youth issue emerging as Bhutan goes through rapid changes. Some of these issues are directly related to boredom and not having activities that can usefully engage the youth.

VAST Bhutan is an informal Art Club based in Thimphu, managed by a group of young and old artists. Its explicit mission is to guide and assist youth to explore their full potential through exposure and participation in art and at the same time provide an alternative positive use of free time in productive way.

As part of its regular activities, VAST organizes art camp and workshops during summer and winter break for its members and other youth from the area where the camp/workshop is held. The overall aims of these endeavours are to provide opportunities to the young school children to participate and develop their talents through artistic and socially productive activities during their free time.

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