Senses of Sights

An artist’s impression of his awe and marvel at Buddhist cosmology

ART Senses of Sights, a solo exhibition by Dorji Wangchuk, is a Buddhist artist’s worship for the almighty, and his wonderment at the Buddhist cosmology.

The exhibition, currently open at the Alaya Gallery, where Voluntary Artist’s Studio of Thimphu (VAST-Bhutan) has been set up, also sports the theme of nature, which, however, is overshadowed by the religious motif.

Dorji Wangchuk is a volunteer artist and manager of VAST-Bhutan. He started painting 13 years ago. The 82 works of art at the exhibition, though personal in nature, are a combination of abstract, self-portraits, ink, acrylic, oil and water-colour paintings.

According to the artist, whose work is on solo exhibition for the first time, it took some courage to put up the exhibition. “Two years back, I wouldn’t have been confident enough, although I was interested in doing so,” he said. “The paintings were done over a period of time, and inspired by our culture and nature.”

One of the paintings, which stands out from the rest, is a gripping oil painting of Dorji Drolo. Modernity and tradition blend without clashing. While giving it a modern spin, the fury of the god, as depicted in traditional paintings, remains as potent as ever.

The rich dark blue colour brings out the intensity and ferocity of the divine wrath.

Thirteen of his paintings have already been sold. The art works on display cost anywhere between Nu 5,000 to Nu 75,000. The exhibition ends on October 15.

– By Rigzin Choden (Original Story in Kuensel K2 8th Oct 2011)

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