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VAST is beginning it’s new year 2012 with an art workshop headed by the artist Joe Beddall who is on a pleasure trip to Bhutan. The art workshop is organized by VAST in collaboration with the American artist Joe Beddall for the VAST members who could not make it to the VAST Winter Camp in Samdrup Jongkhar and for the art enthusiast youths of  Thimphu. The 6 days long workshop began on 3rd January. During these six days, Joe will be sharing his knowledge and experience on Contemporary Art. The students will be learning about  hues, textures, impasto,juxtaposition and creativity to name a few.





Schedule of the “Art Today- A touch of Contemporary Art” Workshop

Day 1 (3 Jan 2012):

  • Introduction
  • Materials Required

Day 2 (4 Jan 2012):

  • Group Activity
  • Creativity
  • Paint Application
  • Mosaic

Day 3 (5 Jan 2012):

  • Color Wheel
  • Mixing Paints
  • Hues, Tones and Shades
  • Juxtaposition

Day 4 (6 Jan 2012):

  • Textures- Visual and Real
  • Finish
  • Impasto

Day 5 (9 Jan 2012):

  • Special Effects
  • Transition

Day 6 (10 Jan 2012):

  • Wrap up

* VAST would like to thank Joe Beddall for doing the art workshop and sharing his time with VAST.

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  1. HAPPY HAPPY 2012 from the field of happiness(Dewathang) to all VAST Bhutan!!!! and thanks to Joe and VAST people who were left behind for the touch of contemporary art. The camp is going very well here and will post it soon an article and some pictures

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