In an effort to strengthen our artist connection with neighboring countries, VAST-Bhutan met with artists and art organizations in Nepal in the end of March.  VAST artists visited the Fine Art Academy of Nepal, where they were welcomed by Nepalese artists who gave them a tour of their academy. Meeting many working artists and art professors, the VAST artists also visited the Academy’s on-going art exhibition which is raising funds for disabled children where some of the art was also produced by the disabled.
At the Academy, Asha Kama, founder of VAST-Bhutan, spoke about the art scene in Bhutan, and shared the experiences, vision and activities of  VAST-Bhutan. Nepalese artists also shared their experience, and the meeting was a truly cross-cultural interaction, where the artists from the two countries could share and learn from each other.

VAST also visited the Art Council of Nepal, where they met a few renowned senior artists.  Later, at the Kasthamandap Art Studio the Bhutanese artists re-connected with Nepalese artists who had previously visited Bhutan for a collaborative art project: the “Living Canvas.”


  1. Asha Karma,
    I have a son who has completed class XII in 2012. He has a good potential and interest in doing arts but do not have proper guidance and instructions to go about. In this regard, I am not sure if he can do some practices to enrich his knowledge in drawing with Vast family.
    I would also like to know the formalities if he is allowed to join your family. He will be attending the classes for about 2 months from now and leave for further studies.
    I long for your reply.

    Thanking you,
    yours sincerely,

    (Palden Yessey)
    Thimphu # 17646806

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