The Youth Interaction through Art Camp, this winter was organised on 5th-14th January 2014 at Chuzagang in Gelephu, Sarpang. It successfully engaged more than 80 Bhutanese youth, 20 volunteers as instructors and helpers.

This camp was themed, “Art against Alcohol”. It created a platform for young people to interact and share their experiences and propose solutions to social issues in relation to alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

The Youth Interaction Art also aimed on bringing together youth from different parts of the country to exchange their ideas,experiences and views on important social issues. The event promotes a more cohesive and harmonious society. It calls for greater youth participation in proposing solutions to important community issues.

The Youth Interaction through Art Camp at Chuzagang, Gelephu organised by VAST Bhutan in collaboration with READ Bhutan shaped the weeklong Art Camp/workshop with Art against Alcohol as the theme with an emphasis on responsible drinking and the dangers of excessive drinking to one’s health, life, family and society. The Art Camp used art as the medium of expression and involved the community members. The Art camp was sponsored by READ Bhutan and Bhutan Foundation.


chhuzagang class bus-sign sketch asha

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