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Filmmakers Without Boarders (FWB) is an international organization that teaches filmmaing and media literacy to students around the world. Founded in New York City, FWB classes provides production based film education.
Students learn to use and operate a professinal DSLR camera, they learn how to write scripts, how to shoot their stories and how to edit them into finished short films they can be proud of. Some of the film projects students make include, music videos, short documentaries, and short narrative films.



Nicholas Daniele is a filmmaker and educator based in New York City. Nick has filmed and taught abroad in both the UK and The Philippines. He has worked on feature films, commercial campaigns, and for the past five years Nicholas has worked under the guidance of documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles at the Maysles Documentary Center (MDC) in Manhattan. While at MDC, Nicholas also developed and taught film education courses for youth and adults.

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