• Organized and hosted 7 by 7 exhibition at VAST studio.
  • Organized and participated in designing bumper stickers for Election Commission of Bhutan for the historic first ever democratic voting process.
  • Participated in the International Art Exhibition “The Spirit and Soul of Asian Art” organized by South Korea.
  • Conducted a 7 day Visual Art Training Workshop for 38 inmates and instructors at the Youth Juvenile Center, Tsimasham.
  • Two senior members attended a month long art camp in Laos with artists from 5 other Asian countries.
  • Conducted an art competition for Anti Corruption Commission and helped them to exhibit the artworks during the World Corruption Free Day.
  • Organized a week long open Visual Art Workshop for all interested youth coinciding with the winter school break. The training was conducted by senior artists from Thailand.
  • Organized a week long open art tour to Bumthang for all interested youth and conducted art therapy lessons by senior artists from Thailand.
  • Organized and hosted the VAST Annual Exhibition in celebration of 99th National Day of 2006 and conducted an open art competition.
  • Designed and participated in the International Voluntary Day celebrations. Organized an art exhibition on garbage art.
  • Organized an art show for the visiting senior executives of the Singapore International Foundation.
  • Conducted on-the-job training for out of school members in design and production of information displays and signage.
  • Participated in the International Art Competition for Children organized by South Korea, received bronze medal and 17 other awards.
  • Participated in 14thKangawa Biennial Children Art Competition, Japan and received 2 awards.
  • Designed product packaging of herbal products of the Institute of Traditional Medicine.
  • Organized and hosted the 3rd Monsoon Film Festival.
  • Organized a print making workshop.
  • Organized and conducted the first printmaking training workshop with help of professors from Santinikitan, India.
  • Participated in the 3rd New Expression on Asian Art in Malaysia.
  • Participated in the Artist Residency Program in Fukuoka, Japan.
  • Organized the 5 day Summer Art Camp in Paro.
  • Exchange program with a delegation of 10 teenagers recovering from cancer from France (A Chacun Son Everest).
  • Organized Danish Film Festival week at VAST Studio.
  • Participated in the Centenary Logo Competition.

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