>> Looking back at 2008

  • Designed and produced the world largest Conch, to be used as a prop during the historic Centenary and Coronation Celebrations.
  • Design posters, t-shirts, caps and sticker for His Majesty’s Secretariat, to be used during the Centenary and Coronation Celebrations.
  • Participated in “Living Canvas” Art Exhibition with artists from Nepal.
  • Participated in an art exhibition with 7 Nepalese artists at Druk Hotel.
  • Organized the 7-day Summer Art Camp titled “Youth Interaction through Art” in Tsirang.
  • Hosted French Film Festival.
  • Organized and hosted a photo exhibition from the pictures of the Bhutan Folk Life festival at the Smithsonian.
  • Produced mural paintings for Bhutan Folk Life Festival at the Smithsonian, Washington DC.
  • Designed and produced signboard for the new Trongsa TaaDzong.
  • Participated in a week long Craft Festival organized by Textile Museum.
  • Designed and produced signboards for NazhoenPelri Youth Development Center (YDF).
  • Framing and displaying of photo for a photo Exhibition at Folk Heritage Museum.
  • Colouring the life-size statue of HM the First DrukGyelpo UgyenWangchuck of Bhutan for the celebration of National Day.
  • Designed, produced and setup information boards at the Youth Development Center (YDF) in Thimphu.
  • Participated in a week long workshop with Youreka, in northern India. This workshop was initiated and funded by the Royal Education Council.
  • Participated in the Golden Youth Awards campaign, organized by Youth Development Center (YDF).
  • Participated in a seal competition (Bhutan Seal of Excellent and Bhutan Seal of Quality), organized by Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • Participated in a logo Competition for the Druk Green Power Corporation.
  • Designed and produced a mural painting for His Majesty’s Linkana Palace in Punakha.
  • Produced watercolor paintings, which were gifted by the Ministry of Foreign Affair to state guests for the Centenary and Coronation Celebrations.

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