• Attended a workshop on functioning of a NGO.
  • Organized the 10-day Summer ART Camp titled “Youth Interaction through Art” in Zhemgang.
  • Hosted an exhibition “A collection of found Materials” by Katle Nema Hanezarak.
  • Organized the Light and Sound Exhibition at VAST studio.
  • Organized a workshop on bead art at the VAST studio.
  • Organized New Zealand Film Festival.
  • Participated in the International Visitors Program, promoting Tolerance Through Art in the USA.
  • Participated in the Children and Youth Festival.
  • Designed and  produced a glass mural painting for His Majesty’s Childrens’ Library at Dechencholing.
  • Produced conceptual designs and art works of souvenirs which were to be awarded by His Majesty during the historic Centenary and Coronation celebrations in 2008.
  • Participated in the 3rd International Seminar on Gross National Happiness in Thailand.
  • Participated in a month long Youth Leadership Forum for South Asia in Japan.
  • Organized and hosted the VAST Annual Exhibition in celebration of the 100th National Day  titled “Bhutan through 100 years” and conducted the National Open Art Competition.
  • Conducted a 10-day full time visual art workshop coinciding with the school winter break.
  • Participated in National Environment Commission (NEC) logo design competition. 
  • Organized a one-day outdoor sketching, on the walk from Sangeygang to Chokhortse with 15 students.

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