Senses of Sights

An artist’s impression of his awe and marvel at Buddhist cosmology

ART Senses of Sights, a solo exhibition by Dorji Wangchuk, is a Buddhist artist’s worship for the almighty, and his wonderment at the Buddhist cosmology.

The exhibition, currently open … Continue reading ->

New Era at VAST

I was just browsing through VAST website and saw the news and poster on the new place and since I could not help in making this new studio…I thought I will put down this feeling I am feeling…with the news … Continue reading ->

Riding the Mountains

— Written by Saraswati


Five years ago, when he got on a Gary Fisher mountain bike for the first time at Kuenselphodrang in Thimphu, he fell. But he got up and tried again. With every fall, his passion to conquer … Continue reading ->