her expression Forty-eight female artists from diverse occupations, backgrounds and age showcased their talents through an art exhibition titled ‘Her Expression’ yesterday in Thimphu.

Organised by Voluntary Artists’ Studio in Thimphu (VAST), the exhibition saw an array of different art forms ranging … Continue reading ->

Art of Giving

artof giving.pdf-01VAST Bhutan invites you all to join us for the “Art of Giving” event. The Art of Giving is aimed towards fundraising for our fellow artist friend Dhwoj Gurung from Nepal. His village Ghaychchok was completely destroyed during the recent Continue reading ->


Filmmaking poster


Filmmakers Without Boarders (FWB) is an international organization that teaches filmmaing and media literacy to students around the world. Founded in New York City, FWB classes provides production based film education. … Continue reading ->

Kadrinchela for HAPPINESS- Kuensel

1_KARDINCHELA for HAPPINESS 2_kadrinchela 4_kadrinchela 5_kadrinchela 7_kadrinchela 8_kadrinchela 9_klaStudents express their gratitude to the Fourth Druk Gyalpo through the medium of art 

Anniversary: Seventy students from schools in Thimphu expressed their gratitude (kadrinchela) for happiness through their artwork yesterday.

Ranging from a girl contently listening to music, a … Continue reading ->