Blue Poppy

Art Description

It gives me real pride and joy to be called an artist and to be appreciated for doing  the things that I love. This painting is to express  the resilience of flowers and women in the way that they bloom so wonderfully despite their fragility, vulnerabilities and hardships.  All of my paintings of flowers have their own personality. Like some sunflowers shining happily alone, some flowers are beautiful and some flowers are half eaten by insects.  I like to work on flowers to relate women’s realities. The  Blue Poppy seen in the middle of the snowland is to show a woman’s inner strength.

Artwork Specification
Title: Blue Poppy
Year: 2020
Dimension: 150×150 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu. 1,00,000/-

About the Artist

I got interested in art at the age of seven thanks to my mother who never failed to inspire me with her artworks. School was another platform where my love for art grew. I would take part in all the art competitions or any art related activities.

After high school, I heard about VAST Bhutan and was determined to be a part of this special place. So I left my hometown and came to the capital and on a pleasant evening in August 2016, I became a member and I have never looked back since. Today, I am very fortunate to learn from the pioneers of modern art in Bhutan.

I have become more confident in using water colors, acrylic, oil pastels and digital art. The subject that interests me most is showcased on the canvas which mostly consists of love, beauty, inner power and dreams. I mostly visualize and focus on the unseen from the ordinary things.

It gives me real pride and joy to be called an artist and to be appreciated for doing the things that I love.

Born 1994, from Sarpang

Sangita Rai
Sangita Rai

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