Vajra Warrior Sisters Of The Red Dragon Clan

Art Description

The painting is inspired by Tsheringchhe Nga, the Five Mountain Goddesses also known as the Five Sisters of Longevity. These deities were disciples of Milarepa (saint/yogi) and have taken the vows to protect the Buddha Dharma, thus they are very popular in Bhutan and the Hhimalayan Buddhist countries. The painting depicts the warrior form of the goddesses with swords and shields. Each of the figures’ is wearing a medallion of an animal which is their mount. The blue male and the female pink deer represent the symbols of wisdom and skillful means.

Artwork Specification
Title: Vajra Warrior Sisters Of The Red Dragon Clan
Year: 2020
Dimension: 80×80 cm
Medium: Acrylic (Original Artwork Print)
Price: Nu. 15,000/-

About the Artist

The concept of our work is directly inspired by Vajrayana Buddhism, Shamanism and the tangible and intangible culture of Bhutan. (The tangible cultural aspects like paintings, sculptures and temples. Intangible culture like knowledge, wisdom and skills.) We try to convey these concepts through the use of traditional icons and symbols, combined with realistic or semi-realistic human portraits. Humans symbolise the innate warrior spirit that we all possess. By recognizing the basic goodness or the awakened nature of our ordinary mind, we become warriors to battle our psychological and physical obstacles in our mundane lives. 

The style of our work is a fusion of figurative/ portrait with spiritual symbols and colorful abstract background. The use of different colors also represents the psychedelic trance of meditation and visualisation. We are inspired by Bhutanese traditional art but we paint in western contemporary style. We mostly use oil and acrylic on cotton canvas. We are fascinated by the wisdom and skills that Buddhism uses to teach how to understand the nature of mind, the concept of non duality, relative truth and ultimate truth, etc. One way or the other we try to convey the messages symbolically even though confused beings like us can only understand it intellectually. 

Artists we venerate are Leonardo da vinci, Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Gustave Klimt, Edgar Maxence, Jean Delville, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Bouguereau, Claude Monet, Hokusai and Yoshitoshi for their technical skills and their idealistic movement in art. 

Before we adopted this concept and style of painting a few years ago, we did realism pop art, book illustrations and a few landscape paintings for commercial and private commissions.

Born 1988, from Sarpang


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