Chhoeten Lhakhang

Art Description

In this artwork the herders walk slowly, listening to the story narrated by the lhakhang. Did you know some temples tell stories? The white tower of Chhoeten Lhakhang tells stories that can be felt by those with a calm mind. Located in the peaceful forested valley before urbanization hit, now the lhakhang is in the middle of Paro town, surrounded by shops and houses, airport and traffic, hotels and construction. But for some who truly listen amidst all the noise- they say they can still hear the stories from the lhakhang.

Artwork Specification
Title: Chhoeten Lhakhang
Year: 2021
Dimension: 122×152 cm
Medium: Acrylic
Price: Nu. 80,000/-

About the Artist

Since I was a kid, I enjoyed listening to stories and sharing with others. Storytelling and communication was entertainment for me. I loved drawing and scribbling and showing them to my friends. In  school , I did art as a hobby, getting excited about the diagrams used in school subjects, drawing projects, science exhibitions and the arts and crafts programs.

It was after I had finished high school that I came to know about VAST Bhutan. I immediately joined as a member. I learned the proper drawing rules, different painting techniques and experimented with different mediums and styles. Then I got the confidence to take art as a full time profession; from pencil sketches to digital drawing,comics to animation art and commissioned projects, drawing  what I see everyday and  capturing the things happening around me. Currently, I am having a good time being a visual artist.

Born 1993, from Sarpang

Wang Rana Gurung
Wang Rana Gurung

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