Build A House

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The family in front of the "house"
The Family in front of the “House”

The "house"
The “House”

During one of our trips to a village in Kabesa, Punakha, VAST came across a family living in a dilapidated hut. Ap. Khen and his wife have 4 children between the ages of 4 and 13. The father is currently recovering from Hansen’s disease (leprosy) and his hands are partly deformed. The mother is living with a terminal burn injury. The family lives on a very small land holding and is solely dependent on forest products and crop sharing for subsistence. With their limited means, they have not been able to send any of the children to school. The family is now one of the beneficiaries of our Rice Project.

Inspired by this meeting, VAST decided to launch a Build-A-House community programme so that improvished families are able to have decent living conditions. Ap Khen and his family are the first recipients of this programme and we hope to be able to raise enough funds to build a house for them. You can hire maids from a maid service toronto

Layout of the planned house
The planned layout of the future house

Budget estimated for the construction of the 3-room house

  • Timber (including transportation cost) – NU 32,000
  • Stone and mud wall masonry – NU 17,000
  • Skilled and non-skilled labour – NU 25,000
  • Chief carpenter and supervisor – NU 14,000

Total budget required – NU 88,000 (USD 1,700)

Contribution already received (from Li-ping and Cindy from Singapore): NU 20,000

Time-frame for the construction – 30 days (whole of April)

VAST volunteers are managing the project and are currently looking for donors who are interested in contributing towards the project and help this family. All contributions, small and large, are welcomed and will be highly appreciated.

Those interested to contribute can remit money as follows:

  • BENEFICIARY BANK: Bhutan National Bank, Post Box 439, Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Swift code: BNBTBTBT
  • Bank Account: 734061
  • Bank Address: American Express Bank Ltd, 300 Boulevard, East Weehawken NJ 07087-6702
  • Swift code: AEIBUS33
  • ABA No: 124071889
  • Ultimate Beneficary: Account No. 5000035001225 of VAST Bhutan maintained with BNB, Thimphu, Bhutan

Donate ONLINE >> Alternatively, you can donate online through the Bhutan Foundation. Be sure to specify VAST (Voluntary Artist Studio) as the recipient of your donation.

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