Make A Wish



  • Name of Project :  Make a Wish Project
  • Location of Project :  Trongsa, Punakha and Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Project Start Date :  2009/2010
  • Project Completion Date :  2010
  • Name of Implementing Agency :  VAST (Voluntary Artists Studio, Thimphu)
  • Number of Beneficiaries : 12 to 15 senior citizen from Kabjisa villages of Punakha and 5 out of school youth from Thimphu
  • Name, Title and Organization of Person Responsible for Overall Management of Project : Kama Wangdi, Founder and Project Director
  • Name, Title and Organization of Focal Person for day-to-day Project Management (Designated ) : Sangay Dorji (Project coordinator),Dorji Wangchuk (VAST General Secretary), Tenzin Norbu (Project Manager)
  • Co Funding Requested (in USD): USD 1630/-

Background Information/ Statement of the Problem:
There are many young/old people issues emerging as Bhutan goes through rapid changes. Some of these issues are directly related to the generation gap and not having activities that can usefully engage the youth in understanding the older people.

VAST Bhutan is an informal Art Club based in Thimphu, managed by a group of young and old artists. Its explicit mission is to guide and assist youth to explore their full potential through exposure and participation in art and social issues. At the same time provide an alternative positive use of free time in a productive and socially active ways.

As part of its regular activities, VAST organizes special Art Camps/workshops during summer and winter breaks for its members and other youth from the area where the camp/workshop is held. The overall aims of these endeavors are to provide opportunities to young school children to participate and develop their talents through artistic/socially useful productive activities during their free time.

The proposed “Make a Wish” project is the pilot project designed to link young people to older people from rural areas and provide a platform to regenerate the lost connection between urban youth and rural old people by young serving the old which is an age old Bhutanese tradition slowly dying out. This pilot project will tentatively commence from the 1 September to 8 September 2009 in Bumthang, Punakha and Trongsa for 12 to 15 senior citizen (60 plus) from Kabji villages. During our visit to this region a year ago, these people expressed the wish to visit important religious sites in central Bhutan. These old people will be guided and assisted by 5 young volunteers from urban Thimphu to visit temples and other cultural heritage in the region. Most of these rural participants have not crossed the boundary of their district.

Proposal: Briefly describe the project that will be implemented to address the problem/s stated above

The young participants will be fully engaged for 8 days in guiding and assisting the senior citizens. They will be actively engaged in social and cultural activities and there will also be constant interaction between rural people and urban youth with a common goal which is to narrow the gap between generation in a much creative, sensitive and constructive/meaningful manner.

Project Objectives: What objectives will be met by this project?

  1. Provide an opportunity for urban youth to participate, care and develop better understanding of the wealth and wisdom of the older generation.
  2. Provide an immediate alternative to the use of free time in a productive way, which otherwise is becoming increasingly misused by the youth.
  3. Provide an opportunity for the rural poor senior citizens who have not been out side of their village at all – to visit the religious and cultural heritage sites of western region of Bhutan and also provide a wider perspective of the development and changes happening in the country.
  4. Link the two understandings (old and young) to its relationship with natural/rural environment, cultural heritage and values.
  5. Set up connection of old and young people and encourage volunteerism in pursuing some aspects of fulfilling gross national happiness.

Program Activities with time frames:

Sl. No Activity Date 2009 Person Responsible
1. Advance identifying team visit to 3 villages in Kabjisa, Punakha 20/23 August Kama Wangdi
2. Young Volunteers to pick up senior participants from the road head and travel to Phobjikha and Visit Gangtey Goenpa, Camp at Phojikha 1 September Kama Wangdi/SangayDorji
3. Audience with Khenpo Tenzin Thinley, Gangtey Sherda and travel to Trongsa on the way visit chendyeji and Tsangka Lhagang, Camp at Trongsa View point 2 September Dorji Wangchuk/Tenzin
4. Visit Trongsa Dzong,Ta dzong by following the ancient highway from the view point and travel to Chumey, Bumthang, Camp at Gayza 3 September Kama Wangdi and Pema Tshering
5. Visit the Tharpaling Monastery and other cultural sites in Chumey and travel to Chamkhar, Bumthang, Halt at Kaila Guest House 4 September Dorji/Kama/ Pema
6. Halt at Chamkhar and visit all religious/ cultural sites, Dzong, Jamphel/Kurji/tamshe Lhagangs 5 September Dorji/Tenzin/Sangay
7. Visit religious/cultural/development sites in Tang, Bumthang and camp on the way to Trongsa 6 September Sangay Dorji and Dorji Wangchuck
8. Travel to Chendayji campsite 7 September Kama/Tenzin Norbu
9. Travel to Wangdi,Visit Dzong and Bhajo Agri Centre and Drop Senior participants on the road head to their villages 8 September Sangay Dorji/Pema
10. Return back to Thimphu for the young participants 9 September Tenzin Norbu

Budget Breakdown during the actual program:

Sl.No Description of Expense Total Budget Required(NU)
1. Hiring of 1 coaster bus @ Nu. 26/per km (265X2=530 km)
Halt charge for 2days @Nu.2600/per day
2. Breakfast for 21PAX @ Nu. 75 per day x 8 days 15,918
3. Lunch for 21PAX @ Nu. 100 per day x 9 days 18,900
4. Tea for 21PAX @ Nu. 30 per day x 9 days 5,670
5. Dinner for 21PAX @ Nu. 100 per day x 9days 18,900
6. Hotel for 21PAX 11 rooms@ Nu. 900/- X 2 nights 19,800
7. Camping gears 13 tents @ Nu.450/tents X 5 nights 29,250
8. Unforeseen expenses 25,000
Total 1,52,418

Total Budget needed:

Sl.No Description of Expense Total Budget Required(NU)
1. Actual program 1,52,418
2. Identifying team / Project initiation 7,000
Grand Total in Nu 159,418
Grand Total in USD@48.90 (1,59,418/48.90) 3260

Those interested to contribute can remit money as follows:

  • BENEFICIARY BANK: Bhutan National Bank, Post Box 439, Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Swift code: BNBTBTBT
  • Bank Account: 734061
  • Bank Address: American Express Bank Ltd, 300 Boulevard, East Weehawken NJ 07087-6702
  • Swift code: AEIBUS33
  • ABA No: 124071889
  • Ultimate Beneficary: Account No. 5000035001225 of VAST Bhutan maintained with BNB, Thimphu, Bhutan

Donate ONLINE by PayPal >> Donate to us via PayPal through our partner Bhutan Foundation ( by clicking the DONATE button below. The Bhutan Foundation is a 501 C 3 registered organization in the United States. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The Bhutan Foundation takes no administration fee for donations received so that every dollar you give will benefit VAST.

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