VAST summer camp

Reflections by the Group Leaders from Ura

Day One (30 June)

During the morning of the 30th, first we arranged the wood that was scattered behind the house. Then we started our session in which we learned the definition of … Continue reading ->

Make a Wish 2

–By Asha Kama


We were there once again and back!!! The second round of the pilot project, despite the sheer enormity of the group, not to mention the complicated logistics involved, completed with a big success. Make a Wish Project … Continue reading ->

Off to Tsirang

Today, 34 of us are leaving for Tsirang for our summer art camp. In Tsirang we will be joined by another 65 students. We will be back in Thimphu on the 14 July.

Tsirang, here we come… … Continue reading ->