VAST Activities

  • Conducts weekend classes on basic drawing, sketching, water-colouring, oil painting, computer aided designing, traditional painting techniques, etc.
  • Designs and implements projects to promote culture, health, hygiene and environment. These projects are designed using new materials and techniques, providing on-the-job training to the students.
  • Organizes art talks, art camps and field trips to relevant institutions.
  • Invite internationally acclaimed artists to conduct art classes and exchange ideas, when they are in Bhutan on vacation.
  • Organizes regular exhibitions and art shows.

2 Replies to “VAST Activities”

  1. sir,i am much impressed by VAST ,and if possible I really would like to join that training la,cos i’m much interesting especially in sketching.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I am contemporary Artist from Chandigarh ,interested in Artists Workshops,Artists Residencies in Bhutan 2013-2014.

    Prabhinder Singh Lall
    Senior Faculty, Fine Art -Applied Art
    Lovely Professional University
    Jalandhar, Punjab

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