Art Services

VAST Bhutan aspires to be a hub for contemporary art in Bhutan. To this end, VAST strives to provide a variety of art related services to artists and the community.

One of the primary goals of VAST is to help both professional and amateur artists to constantly improve their work. To meet this goal, VAST strives to provide a variety of forms of art education and services. Currently, it offers a platform for artists to display their artworks by organizing exhibitions, fairs, festivals and art exchange programmes. VAST Bhutan also facilitates participation of Bhutanese artists in international art exhibitions and exchange programmes.

Commissioned work constitutes an important service provided by VAST. By working on commission, VAST provides services to both artists and the community. By working as per the need of agencies and individuals, art from VAST transforms ordinary spaces into something beautiful. At the same time these projects provide earn-and-learn opportunities for young artists. VAST both helps artists hone their skills as well as to learn how to make a living as an artist.

These efforts will be continued to ensure promotion of art in all spheres of the society. VAST Bhutan will continue to take up commissioned works to ensure quality and creation of original artworks for the society. Exhibitions and fairs including exchange programmes will be continued to bring artists together. Over time, VAST Bhutan will provide valuation and quality appraisal of artworks including research on preservation. All these efforts will be an attempt to ensure quality of artworks in the market and for better regulation of quality.

Other creative ways of engaging the community will be sought by way of delivering diverse programmes. These programmes may include art therapy and also art residency programs. Through these programmes, it is hoped that appreciation of arts will be promoted and the audience base will be widened.