Dharma Calligraphy Art Workshop

In celebration of 25 years of VAST Bhutan, we are happy to present Dharma Calligraphy Art Workshop. The workshop is organised in collaboration with the Indian Embassy and made possible with fund support from India-Bhutan Foundation.

The Dharma Calligraphy Art is a linguistic dance of Buddhist images and elements — encompassing Lord Buddha’s body, spirit, and mind. Master Calligrapher, Mr. Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar from India has fearlessly ventured into diverse media and styles, creating captivating calligraphic depictions of Buddhist deities. His artworks have been exhibited internationally and cherished in private collections worldwide. He holds the World record for creating the longest calligraphy scroll, using handmade lokta paper measuring 163 meters long, with 65,000 Tibetan characters.

The Dharma Calligraphy Art Workshop aims to provide a unique opportunity to learn from the esteemed Master Calligrapher, Mr. Jamyang Dorjee Chakrishar.

The workshop will be from 22-28 of October and will start from 10am-6pm. Tea and lunch will be provided to the participants during the workshop. The venue for the workshop is at VAST Bhutan Centre at Chubachu.

The art materials required for this workshop can be purchased at the venue.

The participants will learn the following:

  • Introduction to Dharma Calligraphy Art (theory)
  • Tibetan calligraphy letters
  • Joyig (Dzongkha) and Kyug style letters
  • Name writing in Dzongkha demo and practice

Happening for the first time here in Bhutan, seize the opportunity to learn from the true master of the craft and explore the intersection of art and spirituality. It promises to be a transformative experience for all aspiring dharma artists.

There will be 30 participants for the workshop but 15 are booked for the monks from Zhung Dratsang.

Therefore, only 15 seats are available for artists or anyone interested in learning Tibetan/Dzongkha calligraphy.

Please register here: