“In-Between Lives” exhibition open to public 

To mark 25 years of contemporary art promotion, Her Majesty the Queen Mother Tshering Yangdoen Wangchuck inaugurated the solo art exhibition, “In-Between Lives” at VAST Bhutan on August 12.

“In-Between Lives” offers a captivating journey through the artistic expressions of Pema Tshering – a solo artist, delving into themes of spirituality and the profound human experience. It provides an opportunity for audiences to explore the depths of the human psyche and gain insights into the very essence of existence.

Pema Tshering, an artist at VAST Bhutan, said that there are a total of 19 different artistic works exhibited that includes, 15 paintings, two sculpture works and two 3-D installation. “VAST Bhutan has provided this platform for artists like me to showcase our experience through art. This exhibition in a way is giving back to the institution for the support and promotion of art and the artists.”

“Bardo is generally understood as a state of existence between death and rebirth, which I am trying to express through my artistic expression,” he said. 

Executive Director of VAST Bhutan, Passang Dema said that the exhibition serves as a platform for talented artists, whose work not only reflects the cultural richness of Bhutan but also resonates on a global level.  

“As we commemorate a quarter-century of fostering contemporary arts in Bhutan, we take immense pride in presenting this exhibition,” she said.  

According to a press release from VAST Bhutan, the exhibition is centered around the concept of Bardo, a spiritual state that exists “in-between” life and death according to Bhutanese belief. Through thought-provoking artworks and installations, visitors are invited to contemplate the profound dimensions of human emotions and existence.

The exhibition is free and open to public since yesterday till September 13, between 11am and 5pm.  

The artist has been a member of VAST since its inception in 1998, joining at the age of 13 as one of the organization’s founding members. He has actively participated in numerous art activities and exhibitions, showcasing his work on an international scale in countries such as Taiwan, the USA, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Japan, Belgium, and others.  

VAST Bhutan stands as a pioneering institution committed to nurturing, promoting, and preserving contemporary arts within the Bhutanese cultural landscape for over 25 years now.  

The inauguration ceremony was attended by Her Royal Highness Princess Dechen Yangzom Wangchuck, dignitaries, and members of the artist community. 

by YK Poudel

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